Call to Staff

A priest once said to me, “Imagine we are bread – we all enjoy being formed and molded. The problem is that no one likes to be baked, enabling them to be bread for others.” I’ve had the privilege to respond to a great grace in my


Growing up I never really saw my mother loved. Seeing my parents separate impacted my perception of myself. I still remember the day we walked away and my mom told me I would not have a Father anymore. As a five year old, I didn’t understand the

Converstion Testimony

Ian Anderson, Dance Off

My name is Ian Anderson, and I’m a full-time missionary with CCO at UBC. I started out university in Engineering, and then realized the error of my ways and converted to Kinesiology ;-D, finishing my degree in April 2010.  I’m the second oldest in a home-schooling family

Call to Staff

Ian Anderson, Dance Off

My call to staff began five years after my “adult” decision to live my faith at 15 years old. Following that great initial transformation, my time was filled with a variety of things that I was doing for my faith. Helping with retreats, youth groups, and diocesan

Life Abundant

Growing up feeling in control was very important to me, especially as I watched my Dad loose control to alcohol and drug addiction.  There were a lot of things in my family that were out of my control as my parents separated and my Mom and I

Time For a Change

Going to Mass as a kid and a teenager, I definitely did not always think that the Eucharist was literally Jesus. I didn’t think it was a symbol, but I didn’t realize that the Eucharistic wasn’t someTHING, but someONE. It was a bit like my relationship with

I Can Never Stop Thanking Him

I grew up in a great family in Regina, Sk. I have four little brothers who I love dearly, although they definitely drive me crazy. Growing up we’d go to church together, pray together and play together. Maybe it comes from being the oldest in a bigger

No More Double Life

Have you ever known a child that seems to break every single rule they don’t know and when you tell them the rules, they always find some way to break it again by using a loophole? Well unfortunately that was me. Between turning a hairspray can into

Campus Life in Perspective

Many people ask me, how is it that you can study the sciences and still believe in God? How can you go to class upon class giving you scientific evidence for things like natural selection and the Big Bang Theory and still believe? I look at them

Wasn't Enough

Christ has always been a part of my life, but He hasn’t always been the centre of it.  As I was growing up, faith was an important aspect of my family’s life.  We attended Church and I was involved in a Catholic girls’ club, but I still