Changed My Focus

I grew up Catholic in a catholic home. Things started to change when I was in grade 12 when I became one of the guys. We all would live a life style that praised men for being strong, good with woman and nice but very stuck up.

Power to Overcome Barriers

What is the point of being Catholic? What’s the point of going to mass, of going to the sacraments? What’s the point of being a good person? We’re all going to die anyways. Do we just cease to exist? And all the time and effort we spent

The Beauty of Imperfection

My journey began at my baptism.  I was baptized as a baby but my faith was a choice that my parents made.  I went to church every Sunday with my family and did all the right things like being involved in altar serving, choir, and youth group. 

I Had Everything Yet Nothing

I was baptized when I was a kid and I attended a Christian Catholic School. I was technically Christian and Catholic my whole life, but my faith was never relevant until 2009 when I encountered God in a powerful way. Before 2009 I thought that I had

A Decision Made

My faith as a child was secure. I prayed and was safe in my family and community in Iraq. I was happy and joy filled. I spent much time in the church leading groups and serving others when I was needed and when I wanted. I was

Why Leaders Don't Sleep at Night

“Leaders don’t lie in bed at night dreaming about the way things are: they lie at bed at night dreaming about the way things could be and should be and must be” (Andy Stanley). That’s why many leaders are chronically sleep deprived! Leaders are hard-wired with a

A Future Full of Grace and Love

Today is exactly one month until the day I will be entering the Sacrament of Marriage with Timothy Killoran! I am very excited for July 23rd to come for many reasons! Getting married is one of those things you think about your whole life! Many young women

Family, My 30th Birthday, and Rise Up

Rise Up always falls between Christmas and New Years (Dec 28-Jan1), which is also often a special time for families. For the last 10 years, since 2002, I have celebrated my birthday(Dec 30) away from my family and at CCO’s Rise Up Conference (except for ’08 when

Light and Darkness

At the seminary we are encouraged to be involved in teaching catechism classes at local parishes, and one evening I was teaching about sin and the effects of confession. I was trying to be creative, and I was looking for a visual example for my lesson. A friend suggested

The Purpose of Evangelization is Conversion

What just happened in the first 18 hours in Rome? I have never been one for small talk and conversations in Rome have been no different.  Things matter here. There are people of great influence: movers and shakers, leaders in the Church.  My first conversation moments after