The Prayer of Praise

Prayer of Praise

Prayer is a shared and common experience for most people. For those of us in evangelization, it is necessary for us to spend quality time in prayer. We cannot give what we don’t have, and we need to pray to get the graces we need to reach

Seeking the Spirit

Seeking the Holy Spirit

Who here can say they know who the Holy Spirit is? To most of us, he’s the ninja of the Holy Trinity. We know he exists. We never see him, just the effects of his presence in our lives or the lives of others. In this episode,

Evangelization demands relationships

the missionary disciple podcast intentional accompaniment

 Discipleship is a buzzword within Christian and Catholic Churches around the world. Pope Francis has been very vocal about the importance of Discipleship. We’ve learned over the years that there are some dangers that come along with discipling others. In this episode, Gerhard sits down with

A Reflection on Youth for the Youth Synod 2018

a reflection on youth for the youth synod 2018

Considerations Regarding the Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment By: Catholic Christian Outreach Executive Summary Young adults in today’s world face intense challenges: unemployment, addictions, distrust, poverty, isolation, sexualisation and crime. Some young people feel invincible as they face their future, but far too

Just say ‘yes’ for conversion!

Podcast conversion

How do you lead someone to conversion if you don’t know what a conversion is? Not having a clear understanding of what needs to take place leading up to conversion prevents us from leading others clearly and simply to conversion. In this episode, Gerhard and Andre traveled

Don’t forget the importance of the invitation!

the kerygma don't forget the invitation

The kerygma is so fundamental to our Catholic faith that we often breeze over it. It’s like the nose on your face; it’s a vital part of you, but how often do you notice it in your daily life? We were created for relationship with God. Through

Take the Elevator! The kergyma is your shortcut for evangelization

Kerygma missionary disciple clear and simple

 We Catholic’s have a habit of frequently talking about the kerygma but is often overlook it a practical means for evangelization. We like to share doctrine, devotionals and theology with those around us who express an interest in our faith. The kerygma shortcuts us straight to

Marriage, the Icon of Encounter

Clear and Simple marriage the icon of encounter

Lots of people think a “conversion” must be a profound encounter with the divine. But really, there’s a more familiar way to think of it. The foundational requirements for a conversion are similar to the requirements for marriage. This connection provides a framework that can help deepen

Podcast Episode: Clear & Simple Part Two

The missionary disciple podcast Clear and simple

This episode is an excerpt from the live streamed release of Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion. Gerhard and Andre along with Tessa and Nolan of the University of Ottawa discuss how missionaries and students accompany others to Christ, as well as