Podcast Episode: Clear & Simple Part Two

The missionary disciple podcast Clear and simple

This episode is an excerpt from the live streamed release of Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion. Gerhard and Andre along with Tessa and Nolan of the University of Ottawa discuss how missionaries and students accompany others to Christ, as well as

Podcast Episode: Clear & Simple Part One

the missionary disciple podcast clear and simple

 In part one of our two part Clear & Simple discussion, Andre Regnier and Gerhard explore some of the key topics of Andre’s latest book: Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion. Why write the book?   This book is aimed at

The one simple activity that will transform your pilgrimage

We’re less than a month away before St. Francis Xavier starts his pilgrimage across Canada. Christmas is around the corner, and the seasonal stress and busyness of the holidays are in full swing. With everything you have happening in your life right now, with all of the

Don’t be afraid to say yes!

If you read the last post about having great expectations with God, perhaps thoughts crossed your mind about whether miracles could really happen in your life. “Sure, miracles can happen anywhere,” you might say, “but am I good enough? Are my demands and needs serious enough? Would

Are you bold enough to ask for a Miracle?

All saints have unique graces and charisms given to them by our Lord. Did you know that one of St. Francis Xavier’s charisms was the ability to raise the dead? He didn’t raise just one or two people from the dead. Over the course of his lifetime,

Why We at CCO are So Excited about the St. Francis Xavier Relic Pilgrimage

Canada’s 150th Anniversary The relic pilgrimage of St. Francis Xavier is a gift for the Church in Canada as we close our 150th anniversary year. This Pilgrimage will bring the first class relic of St. Francis Xavier to North America for the first time in generations. This

Bowling bumpers and beatitude

There’s something hilarious about watching young kids and pre-teens bowl. The funky shoes go on, the digital screens display their nicknames, and the bumpers come up. On a muggy spring night I watched a group of fifty kids (including 3 of mine), ranging from 7 – 15

Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine

“Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, there’s always laughter and good…” coffee? (original quote is a poem by Hilaire Belloc) My husband and I were on vacation recently, visiting a small town on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. We grabbed a Tim Hortons and sat on

Fishing and tradition

One of the great life skills handed down from generation to generation is fishing. That’s why early one Saturday morning in Spring, my sons and I sat perched in our 12-foot aluminum boat. We had our fishing rods in hand, hope in our hearts, and no clue

Suffering for the sake of others

Have you ever had a sleepless night? Going a night with little to no sleep can completely derail one’s ability to function the next day. Now imagine having a sleepless or restless night for an entire year. Unfortunately, I have been battling insomnia for the better part