What We Do

Responding to the Great Commission in Matthew 28, CCO sends teams of missionaries to university campuses across the country. From Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, NL we step onto university campuses to seek out those that don’t know Jesus or don’t know him well enough. We believe the university campus is one of the most strategically important places to reach future leaders. Our strategy begins with outreach, where our missionaries build authentic  relationships with students and seek opportunities to proclaim the Gospel and invite them into a dynamic relationship with Jesus and his Catholic Church. Our campus staff intentionally journey with students first towards an initial conversion and then towards growth as missionary discipleship through growth in holiness and mission. We call this Intentional Accompaniment.

As we journey with students, we equip and commission them to lead their friends. To support this, we work to create a culture of conversion and a culture of mission on campus. Using CCO’s 1-2-3-4 model of spiritual multiplication, staff and students effectively raise up new generations of leaders for the world’s renewal.  

We also provide an active Catholic community on campus and the opportunity to travel the world on mission trips, conferences and retreats.

By the end of the university career, we launch students as missionary disciples ready to be leaders for the world’s renewal by putting into practice the attitudes, skills and knowledge they learned and used at university.

Through reaching university students in Canada, we aim to reach the renewal of the whole world.

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Campus Teams

University of Victoria

Team Leader

Gabrielle Raymond


Mona Bawagan

Giordano Drury

University of British Columbia

Team Leader

Megan Andres


Matt Campbell

Fredy Valderrama 

Teaya Cabael

Christine Esteron

Simon Fraser University

Team Leader

Ellen Wack


Miguel Andres

Angelica Baniqued

University of Calgary

Team Leader

Dan Oberg


Austin Arsenault

Abigail Emmons

Mount Royal University

Team Leader

Caleb Regnier


Nicole De Souza

Felicity Emmons

University of Saskatchewan

Team Leader

Megan Bawagan


Bethany Lau

Angelo Zidan

Landry Nounezi

University of Winnipeg

Team Leader

Tim Killoran


Minerva Macapagal

Toronto Metropolitan University

Team Leader

Amanda Ho


Michael Sloan

Claudine Atienza

Brock University

Team Leader

Mary McLane


Fredy Sarabia

Greg Schiestel

Naomi Misquitta

Trent University


Byron Chan

Kenisha Alemao

Queen’s University

Team Leader

Lukas Marshy


Emma Mete

Sean Brownrigg

Abha-Marie Parmar

University of Ottawa

Team Leader

Miriam David


Miguel Galvez

Vanessa Ziel

Carleton University

Team Leader

Katelyne Bohmann


Crissy Lavin

Dylan Hagan

Concordia University

Team Leader

Joel Regnier


Christian Javier

Cyrille Santos

Dalhousie University

Team Leader

D’Arcy Murphy


Matthew Skalik

Canice Sinn

Saint Mary’s University

Team Leader

Cam Beare


Annika McCormick

Sarah Morrison

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Team Leader

Bernadette Enriquez


Matthew Joseph

Valeria Ochoa


Are you looking for change and conversion on your campus?

Do you need a program that will engage students in their faith?

Want to share your faith and help grow a movement on campus?

The opportunity is here and now to make that impact with fellow students on your campus. Whether you are looking to expand the evangelistic efforts for your existing campus ministry or club or are starting from scratch, you can benefit from over 30 years of campus experience on the leading edge of the New Evangelization through the CCO Connect program. Whatever your context, our methods, materials, and experience might be just what you need to see greater renewal on your campus.

What’s Happening on Campus

St Ignatius of Loyola Scholarship

CCO challenges students to be leaders in the renewal of the world. And we want to honour those who are.