Our Campus Mission

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO™) sends teams of missionaries to university campuses across the country from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL. Our missionaries are dedicated to building up leaders for the world by focusing on outreach and growing missionary disciples. We do this through methods and tools of Intentional Accompaniment. We also provide an active Catholic community on campus, the opportunity to travel the world on mission trips and annual conferences and retreats.

Campus Team Leaders

CCO Connect

Reaching out on campus can be tough. We're here to help!

Are you seeking to make an impact? Do you want to become a person who, when you meet face-to-face with Christ at the end of your life, has a whole crowd of people behind you, who are there in little and large ways because of you? The opportunity is here and now to make that impact with fellow students on your campus. The future leaders of society are on campus today, and you can reach them. Every campus needs Christ-centered leaders, capable of communicating the clear and simple message of the Gospel. We want to help you build those leaders and form an evangelistic multiplying movement.

Whether you are looking to expand the evangelistic efforts for your existing campus ministry or club or are starting from scratch, you can benefit from over 30 years of campus experience on the leading edge of the New Evangelization through CCO’s Connect: Campus program. Whatever your context, our methods, materials, and experience might be just what you need to see greater renewal on your campus.


The CCO Faith Study Series has been designed to proclaim the Gospel, equip the faithful and commission them to become missionary disciples. These materials are used in a small group setting and allow for a relatable and dynamic proclamation of the Catholic Faith. They are easy-to-lead and have proven effective in bringing about personal conversions.


CCO campus trainers will meet with you regularly via an online meeting platform, to coach and consult with you as you work to transform your campus. We will tailor a unique curriculum based on your campus’ situation, and coach you to meet goals set.

Campus Visits

Relationships are the basis of all evangelistic efforts. We love getting to know you and understanding your specific campus and context as fully as possible. Our connect trainers are ready to come, meet you on your campus, and help your outreach and discipleship plans according to your specific situation. We can also offer large-group leadership training in a variety of areas.* (*Domestic Campus: Connect only)

Meet Our Connect Manager

Megan Kenney

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In honour of CCO’s 30th Anniversary, we announced the creation of the

St. Ignatius of Loyola CCO Scholarship

This scholarship is named after St Ignatius of Loyola, who reached out to a group of university students (including St Francis Xavier), helped them to encounter Jesus, and with them sought to change the world by founding the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). This scholarship seeks to recognize students involved with CCO who contribute to the new evangelization and leadership on our campuses.

CCO challenges students to be leaders in the renewal of the world. And we want to honour those who are.

Are you a student involved with CCO on campus?
Does anything here apply to you?


  • Led CCO faith studies
  • Been on the CCO Student Executive
  • Been mentored by CCO
  • Been on a CCO mission
  • Been involved in the worship band
  • Intentionally invested in another CCO student
  • Been involved in CCO in some other leadership capacity


Two scholarships valued at $1988 each will be awarded this year in honour of CCO having been founded on October 18, 1988.

The application for the St Ignatius of Loyola CCO Scholarship consists of 4 elements:

Deadline for submission of all 4 elements is November 18, 2020, 11:59pm PST.

2020 Recipients

Alexandra Orsi
University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Dawson Diment
Mount Royal University, Calgary