The future leaders of society are on campus today, and you can reach them. Every campus needs Christ-centered leaders, capable of communicating the clear and simple message of the Gospel. We want to help you build those leaders and form an evangelistic multiplying movement.

What is the Connect Program?

CCO Connect supports student leaders and Campus Ministers on university campuses as they build a movement dedicated to evangelization. A remotely located CCO Missionary (CCO Connect Coach) trains and supports the campus leadership team as they integrate and execute CCO’s approach to kerygmatic evangelization and spiritual multiplication. The weekly coaching is tailored to the needs of the local campus club because we know that no two movements are the same. CCO Connect campuses also gain access to the momentum of CCO’s national missionary movement.


The CCO Faith Study Series has been designed to proclaim the Gospel, equip the faithful and commission them to become missionary disciples. These materials are used in a small group setting and allow for a relatable and dynamic proclamation of the Catholic Faith. They are easy-to-lead and have proven effective in bringing about personal conversions.


CCO campus trainers will meet with you regularly online to coach you as you work to transform your campus. We will tailor a unique curriculum based on your campus’ situation, and coach you to meet goals set.

Campus Visits

Relationships are the basis of all evangelistic efforts. We love getting to know you and understanding your specific campus and context as fully as possible. Our connect trainers are ready to come, meet you on your campus, and help your outreach and discipleship plans according to your specific situation. We can also offer large-group leadership training in a variety of areas.* (*Domestic Campus: Connect only)

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