Careers FAQ

What is STPD?

STPD stands for “Support Team Partnership and Development”. All CCO staff have the unique opportunity and privilege to rely on God’s providence. Each individual missionary develops their own team of financial and prayer supporters who contribute directly to the funds for their salary.

However, STPD is more than just a funding model. The relationships developed through STPD opens up new doors for evangelization and spreading the good news of what God is doing in the lives of university students. When viewed in this light, STPD becomes more than just a means to an end, but in fact a unique opportunity to reach out to your family, friends, fellow parishioners, and others who are interested in partnering with you in this work.

How will I know how to develop a support team?

CCO has an excellent STPD training program that teaches you not only how to raise funds effectively but also instils the key attitudes and mindsets that drive our paradigm of living on providence. This training takes place after you have been hired in preparation for your start date with CCO and includes weekly coaching sessions with an STPD Coach throughout the summer of STPD. After a successful completion of the internship program, those staff continuing with CCO will receive further training beginning in February and then will continue with a STPD Coach through a summer of full time STPD work.

What do CCO staff get paid?

A full status CCO staff make a base annual salary of $34,000.00. This amount is increased by factors such as geographic placement, educational adjustment and years of service with CCO. The first year of employment with CCO is considered a probationary period in which the annual salary would likely range from $21,000 to $24,000. For more information about the salaries of Interns and Vine participants, please see the Missionary Opportunities page.

What positions are you hiring for?

This year, CCO is looking to hire 12-15 campus missionaries and various national positions. To see a full list of opportunities, please see Job Postings – Coming Soon.

What does the day-to-day work of a campus missionary look like?

As a campus missionary you can share the saving message of Jesus Christ with countless students, disciple believers to spiritual maturity, and train others so they “will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2). Day-to-day, this involves leading small group faith studies, one-on-one discipleship and leadership development with students, and planning and running large group events to encourage both outreach and fellowship. Campus missionaries work as part of a team under the direction of a Team Leader.

How does the application process work?

CCO uses a four step application process to best facilitate discernment on behalf of the applicant and CCO. Our goal at each of these stages is to evaluate a fit with CCO as well as the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as a CCO missionary.

1. Application
2. Police background check
3. Interview
4. Reference checks

At each of these four steps, CCO evaluates for suitability for the role being applied for and whether to continue the process.

What type of people do you look to hire?

CCO looks for people who are motivated by the mission of proclaiming Jesus clearly and simply. We want people who will be willing to work hard to spread the good news of the Gospel and to multiply missionary skills, knowledge and attitude into others. Campus applicants should feel called to work with university students as a strategic age group of future leaders.

We take great joy in our work, even when it means moving beyond our comfort zones. Our joy comes from having hopeful hearts that God will do more than we can ask or imagine in all situations. We are willing to do whatever needs to be done, say whatever needs to be said, and go wherever we need to go in order to fulfill our mission. Our missionaries must be highly motivated to seek opportunities to meet new people and allow others to feel welcomed in their presence.

What kind of training and formation do your staff receive?

CCO conducts our mission in an intentional manner and so we are serious about training our missionaries to best meet the demands of ministry. All first year staff attend an orientation and training week called CCO 101 mid-August. First year staff in the internship program then continue with an eight-month weekly training program. Second year staff attend further training (CCO 201) to prepare them for greater leadership within the movement. Apart from these set programs, our staff have many opportunities for ongoing missionary and spiritual training and formation, such as yearly attendance at National Staff Gathering, retreat days, spiritual direction and various conferences.

How are placements made? Where are you located?

CCO currently has a presence on twelve campuses across Canada as well as at our National Headquarters in Ottawa. CCO staff can be sent to serve on any of our campuses. National roles are based out of our headquarters in Ottawa. Placements are made by balancing both the needs of the movement and giving consideration to where staff will best be able to use their skills and talents, and grow in leadership.

What is an internship?

Internship is a three year commitment to CCO. Each Internship is specific to the position you are applying for. You will take part on a week long STPD (Support Team and Partnership Development) boot camp at the beginning of your internship to learn everything there is to know about Support Raising. The goal for each missionary is to raise $2400 in monthly support. You will be a professional at support raising after boot camp. Each Intern will work closely with the CCO Itern Specialist who will assign various assignments to be completed in order to help each intern grow in their leadership skills and grow as a missionary.

What is a VINE year?

Each Vine opportunity is specific to the position you are applying to (ie. Campus or National Headquarters). The Vine program is designed for people who are not yet sure if they are ready to commit to an Internship and would like to get a feel for what it is like to live as a full-time missionary. Vine is a one year commitment. It is also a great opportunity for students who are not yet done their degree but are ready to give a year of their life to the Lord. Each Vine missionary will support raise using the STPD program. The average amount to raise is $17000, which is approximately $2000 monthly.

Can I do a CO-OP with CCO?

Yes! CCO can offer you a co-op opportunity that can cater to the program you are currently in. Each co-op is specific to the position you are applying to, but is only within CCO’s National Headquarters. CCO does not offer co-ops for campus ministry. Working in a placement at CCO HQ will give you an opportunity to put into practice the skills you are acquiring through your education and will give you the unique opportunity to grow in your faith and your missionary identity in the process.

Can I work during my summer break for CCO? What about part-time?

Yes! CCO can offer you an opportunity to work at their National Headquarters for your summer part-time job. Each part time position is specific to the position you are applying to. We have opportunities in our Communications, Finance, Missions and Events, Human Resources and Stewardship and Development teams.

Can I volunteer with CCO?

Yes! CCO offers many volunteer opportunities. Each volunteer position will be specific to the position you are applying to. You do not need to be in Ottawa to do some of these volunteer opportunities, but it is recommended. If you feel like you would like to be doing work for the Church, but not able to commit all of your time, CCO’s volunteer opportunities can help you do exactly that.

Support raising?? What?!

Each CCO Missionary has the privilege of completely relying on God’s providence. You might be thinking, “There is no way I can support raise this amount. This is crazy!” You are not alone. This has gone through the mind of almost every single person who has applied to work with CCO. However, all 85 current missionaries as well as nearly 30 years of CCO history are living witnesses to the fact that this is possible.

As a CCO missionary, our support raising is not a means to an end. It is an opportunity to take the gospel to other people. Every person that you encounter, will have an opportunity to hear the Lord’s message through your witness of relying on his providence and being abandoned to Him. We feel called to have every person on the face of the earth, encounter Jesus in a personal way. Our mission field is not only to be on campus proclaiming, but through our visits with potential supporters.