For Students and new grads

“A new generation of builders is needed… you must be those builders ”. – St. John Paul II

YOU are called to renew the world.
YOU have what it takes.
Will you answer the call?

Who are we looking for?

  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Co-op placement/summer student
  • Gap year


CCO has many different employment opportunities you can apply for. Each program is unique and has different benefits. If God is calling you to CCO, you then need to discern which program He is calling you to. Take a look at the descriptions below to get familiar with the different options CCO offers.


Become a full-time CCO Missionary, and in your first year receive world-class training in evangelization through our Formation program.


Commit one year of service to the Lord through CCO. This could be a gap year or a way of discerning a longer term call.


Get a headstart on your missionary career by getting to campus or HQ one semester ahead of the start of our Formation program.

Still a student?

CCO has employment opportunities designed to give students real-world experience in the mission of evangelization related to their field of study, such as summer student positions, co-ops, and short-term contracts. See below!

CCO Missionary Staff

This is our most robust work program, designed for those who desire to commit to employment with CCO for a longer period of time.

In your first year, receive our world-class training in evangelization and intentional accompaniment through our Formation program, with on-the-ground experience and implementation on the university campus, or as a member of one of the teams in our National Headquarters in Ottawa, ON.

Your year begins on May 1st at our New Hire Orientation. Summer months are spent in initial training and Support Team Partnership Development (STPD), culminating in our National Staff Gathering in August, where you will receive timely training and formation to launch you into your position as a CCO missionary. Throughout your first year of employment, you will continue through the Formation program while also working directly in your assignment. 

After completing the Formation Year, you may be invited to continue as a CCO Missionary with a two-year contract.

Mission Year

The Mission Year program is designed for people who are looking to take a gap year or are not yet sure if they are ready to commit to a longer work term, and would like to get a feel for what it is like to live as a full-time missionary. 

This program is an eight-month work term, beginning in August at our National Staff Gathering, and ending in April. At our National Staff gathering, you will receive timely training and formation to prepare you for your term as a CCO missionary. Throughout your eight months of employment, you will receive on-the-job training and formation, preparing you to be launched into the workforce as a multiplying missionary disciple, or to continue your career as a CCO missionary.



Our Headstart program is designed to give you a semester headstart into the Formation program. Headstart employment begins at the end of December, allowing you to begin working on campus or in HQ in anticipation of the start of the Formation Program in May. 

This program is great for students graduating in December, or anyone is ready to reach more souls now and just can’t wait until May!


CO-OP and Summer Students

Co-op and summer student placements are available at our National Headquarters, and can be tailored to your specific area of study. Working in a placement at CCO HQ will give you the unique opportunity to put into practice the skills you are acquiring through your education while also growing in your faith and missionary identity in the process.

For more information on any of our employment programs see the

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