St. FX Award Nominations

| Nominations for the St. Francis Xavier Award (Please use only this top page, a glitch has occurred that has repeated this page below, thank you)Each year at the Spring Banquet CCO Vancouver honors an alumnus who has gone on after their time with CCO on campus

Let Go Of Your Plans

By: Alana Heit. I always wanted to be able to teach others about Jesus everyday. With this desire, I decided to pursue a degree in education. The idea of being able to witness people develop over the course of the year, and be a part of their

A New Awakening

By: Jonathan Hilsden. From my early childhood I knew that God loved me, and that He sent his Son Jesus to die for my sins. This was the formation I received as an Evangelical Missionary’s son. I can seldom remember a time that I doubted His love for

Opening Up

By: Amanda Walsh. Today I look at my faith journey, shake my head, and smile in amazement. It is amazing to see how God’s plan was to lead me towards CCO as a career. It is no exaggeration to say that Jesus was my best friend growing

The Unusual Plan

By: Cameron Beare. Growing up, I always expected my life to look like that of my parents and role models; attain a university education, get a job, get married, and have kids- the usual. However, my conversion brought God into the picture and turned everything on its

His Unimaginable Dream

By: Annie Brown. During my third year of nursing at Queen’s, I began to realize what kind of work I wanted to do. My heart was set on working in maternity nursing- what a privilege it would be to help women bring new life into the world!

Hand-me-down? I don’t get it.

By: Vicki McEachern. As an only child, I didn’t have the in-house experience of hand-me-downs. The flow of stuffs from older to younger to youngest started and ended with… me. Add to this my consistently above-average height, and the result? An attitude that a good fit comes

The Fight

By: Joseph San Jose. I t wasn’t easy figuring out God’s plan for my life. In discerning my options after graduating from UBC, I had a strong desire to serve the Church in a full-time capacity, but I wasn’t too sure where exactly He was calling me. The

Falling In Love and Saying "Yes"

By Annie Flaherty. Have you ever fallen in love? Well, my “call” to join CCO Staff was a lot like falling in love. It was a confusing process. It didn’t always make sense, it wasn’t always clear or rational, or easy to put into words. This confusing

"For the First Time I'm Sharing My Faith"

by Hailey Cleaves “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” These are some of the last words that Jesus speaks before returning to the Father in the Gospel of Matthew. It is a well-known verse and one that I grew up hearing. I knew these words