The Ultimate Relationship: Priests Can Use It Too

I learned that CCO would be holding an Impact mission in Calgary when I was serving a pastoral year of internship there as a seminarian in St. Bonaventure Parish. I had first encountered the movement in 2005 through a Rise Up conference, but I had little other

The Voice of A Father – Cultivating Virtuous Leadership

I have spent close to 20 years in the personal and professional study of leadership. And believe me there is a lot written about it. There are over 479 million hits on Google using the keyword leadership. On there are presently 121,231 books you could order

Becoming an Effective Communicator

Communication is essential to our exchanges with one another. What we say and how we say it all determines an outcome; sometimes the outcome is favourable and other times we’ve missed the mark or we’ve been misunderstood. Communication through writing and public speaking is the same. It

Why Protagonists?

Why protagonists? Why not simply leaders, initiators, or catalysts? The word protagonist, as a literary term, suggests to us that we are caught up in a story. It causes us to step back from the action, to ask certain questions: what is the story I find myself

Creating a Protagonist: Four Cardinal Questions

Today I discovered a blog that got me thinking on the topic of protagonists. If you’re turned off by (wanton and excessive) vulgar language, click not this link! For everyone else, click here: The author, Chuck Wendig, describes 25 things you should know about protagonists. I

Defining Protagonist

It is very difficult to describe or define the word protagonist and all its possibilities, for it encompasses so many emotions, like fear, exhilaration, hope and hopelessness, sadness and joy. There are endless challenges and opportunities that a protagonist can be confronted with. Being a protagonist exposes

Protagonist Perceptions

There is a saying in politics that “perception is everything.” Even if the perception is not based on truth, it will determine how one’s words and actions are received. If you want to influence people to follow you, it would be wise to always be sensitive to

Courage to Witness

By Ariane Larouche Témoigner de notre foi, tout un défi dans notre société de nos jours! Dépassée par les différents évènements, les hauts et les bas de mon quotidien depuis un an, j’avais délaissé ma foi et mes croyances en Dieu. Dans le cadre de mon emploi d’été

Leaving Your Baggage at the Doors

by  Trevor Anzaï The other day at the museum I encountered this woman from Australia. After talking with her about her trip to Canada, I realized that she didn’t know about the Holy Door. The Cathedral-Basilica holds one of the seven Holy Doors in the whole world,

Yes, I Love Technology… But Not As Much As You, You See

by Scott Roy Kip Dynamite has the right idea when it comes to balancing technology and relationships – something that not everyone has a good handle on (Kip is Napoleon’s brother in the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite). How many times have my wife, Colleen, and I been