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Catholic Christian Outreach is looking for Campus Workers! Why join us? Catholic Christian Outreach works on the cutting edge of university evangelization in Canada and around the world. We have a vision to reach out to students around our country, proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ and

The Desire of my Heart: Janine Killoran

After encountering God’s love & immense mercy through confession at a retreat in my second year of university, I wanted to share the love & mercy of Jesus with everyone!  I got very involved with the youth ministry program at my parish, served a year with NET

A Perception Problem

Today I led the Discovery study with over forty students who are preparing  to become teachers in the Catholic school system.  As has been the case over the last ten years, a large majority are not practicing their faith.  Some of them actually, when asked the question, “What are you

Doing What Love Requires: Marlena Loughheed

Today we are so fortunate to have a testimony from a former CCO staff, Marlena Loughheed. Marlena served a Vine year with CCO in 2008 and has since gone on to many new adventures including journalism school, an internship with the Holy See’s Mission to the United

As Christians We Should Expect the Unexpected

“Hello, it’s Pope Francis”, was what one 19 year-old Italian student heard from the other end of the phone a few weeks ago – it wasn’t a prank, it was really the pope. Stefano Cabizza had written Pope Francis a note about his life, hopes and dreams

Focusing Merely On "What" We Do is a Recipe For Shallowness

I’ve been the one inviting and coaxing Carleton students to submit blog entries this summer. So, as the summer comes to an end, I figured it was only fair that I should submit one myself. I’ve so enjoyed opening up my inbox each week to find a

Life in Technicolor: Julia Bolzon

I’m 21 and just graduated from McMaster University. I have an awesome degree – a Bachelor of Arts and Science, with a minor in Philosophy – that allows me to pursue whatever path I wish: med school, law school, grad studies, you name it. Instead, I know

Are We Friends with God, Or Do We Just Like the Idea?

The Little Things Some of you know that I like to create odd little questions to entertain creativity. Whether it’s things like: do you think it’s possible for us to condition humans to eventually live without oxygen? Or, do you think the color green to my eyes

Heresies: 'Believe it or not!'

Our deepest identity as Catholics is missionary (for more on that, pick up this great book). That being said, as we bring the clear and simple message of the Gospel to others, we want to be communicating the fullness of truth, and not our own variation of