Does Grace Bring With it Privilege and Responsibility?

“Five…four…three…two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR”, screamed 400 wild Catholic students. It was New Years Eve at Rise Up Halifax, and I was in the midst of its heightened thrill, buzz, and excitement. In that moment, I felt more alive and closer to God than I had ever felt before.

Pilgrims – not Tourists

“Pilgrims – not Tourists” This was the message of a talk given to our group of 29 university-age students by Fr. Allan MacDonald before setting off for World Youth Day in Brazil. For three weeks, we weren’t going to be in control of things: we wouldn’t be

CCO Founder drives 600 km to help "Revive Espanola"

I was asked earlier this week why would I (very busy schedule) travel 600 KM by car, alone to give a talk to 35 people from a small little parish in Espanola ON.  Well, let me tell you! With a mindset of spiritual multiplication I go where the

A Remarkable Surprise Increases Faith and Trust in God

This summer I’ve experienced God in many ways, and I realized God is love through many unexpected, surprising events. First, my mother was recently diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I was initially frightened and scared. So, I asked for leave from work to be with her. Many

Is the Pope Really God Incarnate?

“The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.” Oh brother, he didn’t just go there, I thought. I had heard a Catholic apologist tell a similar story about a radio preacher making the same claim. And now, a Baptist pastor was saying the same thing to me.

Happy Are You Poor

And one by one that closet of mine full of fashionable clothes, shoes and jewelry began to shrink. So let me guess what you are thinking, by reading the simple phrase you have concluded that I will be speaking about getting rid of my material possessions for

Will you pick fear and defeat or trust and courage?

“They are but food for us” Numbers 13 Fifteen years ago these words brought my family and me the courage we needed to make a decision, one that would have a significant impact on us for the rest of our lives. In the spring of 1996 Archbishop

Does God really have a sense of humour?

“Everyone knows mules have a terrific sense of humour,” Brian Regan said as he related what a nature show taught him to his audience during his stand-up comedy special, The Epitome of Hyperbole (28:09). “I felt stupid. I called a friend up, like at random (y’know): ‘Hey Joey, this

Teaching the Teachers: Michael Hall

When I entered university, I would have been considered a good Catholic kid who was genuinely trying to live out my faith in a quiet manner while preparing to be a high school history and religion teacher. Four years later, I left university a missionary. In the