Two-Stepping Her Way to Saskatoon!

Hello CCO Saskatoon! My name is Carissa Benavides. I recently graduated from UBC with a degree in Sociology. Before I make the move over to Saskatoon, I’ll be spending my summer in Vancity working part-time at an infant daycare and at an elementary after-school program. I really

A Visit to the Hospital

My call to work for CCO staff started with a simple visit to the hospital. I first met CCO in the fall of 2006 where I filled out a survey and was given a free bag of chips. Clearly CCO knows the way to a student’s heart

Indian All-Stars Discover the Ultimate Relationship in Bangalore

“These leaders are all-stars” exclaimed Catholic Christian Outreach Western Regional Director Eric Chow, during an opportunity meet with Jesus Youth in India. “Some of the campus leaders traveled as long as three days to train and get here for the four day event.” Eric Chow is part of a delegation

The Gospel According to Bon Jovi

I was so exhausted after coming home from work tonight that I barely had enough energy to take off my shoes, collapse on my bed and turn on a 90’s radio station. The first song I heard was “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. The more

Waiting on God

By Gigi Labranche God this summer has given me the chance to reflect on my life and has taught me patience. Since summer started, finding a second job has been the only thing on my mind until recently. Through stressing, I had lost faith, had doubted Him

Finding Beauty in the Difficulties

“Every sinner has a future, and every saint has a past.” This is a quote a friend sent me a couple days ago that really stuck with him and I can say it really stuck with me as well.  We are all called to be saints and

Making a Difference: Talitha Lemoine

After my conversion at the end of my first year of university, things began to change as I started to make room for God in my life. It was no longer about what I wanted, or what I thought others expected from me. I started asking God

Running In the Dark

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” That’s quite possibly my favourite quote from my favourite movie, The Sound of Music. It seems to be applying to me right now too. This past year I’ve moved away from home, learned a new concept called

Wherever, Whoever, Whatever

This summer God has really changed a lot of my life, from some of my family moving far away and through leading Discovery at my parish. Both are things that are unexpected and require some new responsibilities. But I’m ready to go wherever, talk to whoever and

Being "Missionary": Kevin Darwent

In the summer of 2009 I went on a mission project put on by Catholic Christian Outreach called Impact. The purpose of this mission project was to lead people into a personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus. As the summer progressed I had the opportunity to share