Sailing out into the deep with prayer

Sailing out into the deep with prayer the missionary disciple podcast

The best relationships  we have in our lives are the ones where we are not afraid to go deep. Likewise in our relationship with Christ, the more we can deepen our relationship the stronger our relationship will be. The million dollar question then is: how do we

Have Great Expectations!

We are all called to have great expectations on what God will do through and for us. Andre, Angele, Gerhard and special guest Bishop Scott McCaig of the Military Ordinariate of Canada have a discussion on having great expectations and how it is tied to the theological

Keep your focus!

Christmas day and the holiday season that surrounds it are chock full of distractions and activities, both good and not so good. Keeping our hearts centered on Christ is easier said than done. Andre and Angele share some stories and strategies to help us to maintain our

Accompany your family this Christmas

Spending Christmas with a family that does not hold, or actively disagrees with your beliefs can make for stressful holidays. Through stories and examples, Andre, Angele, and Gerhard share some strategies and approaches that can help you better witness to your family this Christmas. Navigating families that

Witness to the world

Advent: witness to the world

Advent gives us an opportunity to bear witness to our faith during a period of the year where our society is most open to the message of the Gospel. Catholic or not, Christian or not, the vast majority of our society knows that Christmas is for the

Evangelize your parish this Christmas

missionary disciple podcast advent parish

The advent season is nearly upon us. We are presented with a wonderful season to give witness to our faith and to lead others to Christ. Christmas Mass is a critical moment to reach out to all those who show up only on Christmas, Easter and help

Maximize your prayer with Praise

Praying with Praise Most people would define prayer as talking to God. Which you could claim is accurate, up until a point. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, prayer is the interaction between God and us. “In prayer, the faithful God’s initiative of love always

The Prayer of Praise

Prayer of Praise

Prayer is a shared and common experience for most people. For those of us in evangelization, it is necessary for us to spend quality time in prayer. We cannot give what we don’t have, and we need to pray to get the graces we need to reach

Seeking the Spirit

Seeking the Holy Spirit

Who here can say they know who the Holy Spirit is? To most of us, he’s the ninja of the Holy Trinity. We know he exists. We never see him, just the effects of his presence in our lives or the lives of others. In this episode,

We lead others to Christ by intentionally accompanying them.

You may have heard the phrase ‘people not programs’. The phrase means that when it comes to evangelization we need to focus on the people in front of us, and not the program that we’re using. It’s something we often struggle to do especially if we do