Holy Goofiness

Holy goofiness podcast

Here at CCO, we try to fully embrace a spirit of holy goofiness, or as St. Thomas Aquinas calls it, eutraphelia. While this may seem like a silly topic when speaking about evangelization, having a lightness, and a well-formed sense of humor is a necessary aspect of bringing

See and Seize Opportunities

Opportunities to bring people to Christ are more common than we may think. Andre and Angele talk us through how to see and seize these evangelical opportunities that surround us. the difference between talk and action is the ability to see and seize opportunities We need to

Abandonment in Providence

Abandonment in providence is essential to Christian life. Following God’s will often boils down to how much we trust that God is good and that he has a future with hope for us. Andre, Angele, and Gerhard talk about how living in abandonment in providence allow us

A heart for the world

Wrapping up the 5 tenets of CCO, Andre, Angele and Gerhard discuss the final tenet: a heart for the world. Having a heart for the world sounds like the warm and fuzzies with no real substance, but in practicality, this is a fundamental building block to evangelization.

Raising a multiplying missionary


Leading someone into a conversion, and placing Christ at the center of their life is only the first step in the process of raising a multiplying missionary. Ian and Michael talk some practical ways to help someone go from sharing their testimony for the first time to

Leading someone in holiness


Ian and Michael return to continue the conversation started in the episode around the top half of the intentional accompaniment framework. Today the conversation is around holiness, and how to walk with someone who’s just had a conversion and to know when to start to let go.

Walking with someone deeper into the faith

Continuing our conversation from last week, Ian, Michael and Gerhard talk about how to journey with someone post-conversion. Through the sacrament of baptism, we are called to both holiness and mission. Similar to the thresholds that one passes through on the way to conversion, there are different

Accompanying someone to Christ

Intentional Accompaniment Bottom

Today I, Gerhard, sit down with Ian Anderson and Michael Hall to have a follow-up discussion on accompaniment. Here at CCO, we’ve developed what we call the accompaniment framework: how to walk with someone up to and following their conversion. In this episode, we look at how


Special Episode, the St. Francis Xavier Pilgrimage

Last January CCO brought St. Francis Xavier across Canada to be venerated by tens of thousands of pilgrims. Gerhard, Angele and D’Arcy reminisce about the pilgrimage and some of the graces that we witnessed. – D’Arcy explains the Stanley Cup Analogy; – The response of the pilgrims,

Change the world one person at a time

Change the world one person at a time

We all want to see the world changed for Christ, but it’s too easy to rely on programs to bring the masses to Christ and not reach out to each individual in front of us. Evangelization will be it’s most successful when we reach people one person