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He didn’t Have a Home

RIP Travers

On February 9th I received a tearful call from a UBC student.  The voice on the other end of the line was clearly upset and emotional; she had phoned to tell me that, Trevor, the man in the SUB passed away.  I was moved by this student’s compassion and

The Answer to Being A Leader

The key to leadership

The other day Andre and I were having lunch with Sebastian Gomes, the Salt and Light Correspondent here in Rome, who produced the “Inside the Synod“ Show. He is also the host of a really cool new TV series called “The Church Alive“. We were talking about mutual

On the Shoulders of Giants

leaders stand on the shoulders of giants

Does October 18th, 1988 mean anything to you? It may not be a date that popular history records as important, but it was on this day that the first CCO Faith Study was led at the University of Saskatchewan. Each year on October 18th, CCO missionaries gather

I Realized I Was Experiencing God’s Love

testimony of a conversion

My name is George Worthen. Growing up my parents took me and my older sister to church and taught us about the Faith, but even though I was going to Mass and Sunday School I never really felt like my Faith was my own. I had heard

The Language of Evangelization

missionaries in evangelization

“All that matters is Jesus be proclaimed this is what brings me joy.” Eph 3:20 At the closing banquet of the International gathering of Friends in the New Evangelization on Campus someone asked me what was the highlight of my day. I sat for a moment and

I Challenge You To A Dance-Off

Ian Anderson, Dance Off

I don’t know if this happens to everyone once they hit university and beyond but for me and most people I know there’s been a major new development: all our friends are getting married off. I’ve been to probably twenty weddings in the last three years, or

Two Miracles and More Encouragement

Two miracles encouragement

First miracle:  last night our air conditioner unit, dripped. A lot. It created a puddle on top of our dresser about a 2-3mm deep. Andre’s Macbook was sitting on that dresser. We panicked dried off the computer, but water continued from it. We removed the battery and