Missionaries Develop Brazilian Hearts

If you’ve ever worked with an interpreter, you know how it can force you to consider every word. Suddenly, communicating takes twice as long, and the delay in response can be agonizing. Language matters, even in small things like ordering food. For more nuanced communication — such as sharing personal

Professional's Career Changed by Heart

It began with a simple invitation. Hearing God’s call to become a CCO missionary started when a good friend invited me to a conference. She asked me to join her in Vancouver for Rise Up, CCO’s annual national conference. I had lived in Florida for over a

Everything Changed

by Taylor Hyatt Nearly five years ago, Erica Stevens began the Religious Studies and Sociology program at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Although she practiced her Catholic faith in high school, it remained an unimportant aspect of her life. Erica lived with what she now calls a

Remember That Time I Played Bass For Matt Maher?

After George Worthen found out he’d be playing with Matt Maher at multiple venues for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, his head was spinning. “I was on a top bunk with only about 1.5 feet of headroom when I found out I’d be playing

Matt Miller: What I Got Myself Into…

by Taylor Hyatt Matt Miller is 21 years old and studying psychology at St. Mary’s University. If asked about his life a year and a half ago, he describes it by saying, “It lacked direction.” He was in third year, but had no idea what he would

Trusting in the Father

by Taylor Hyatt Andrew Sennyah is a fourth year economics and international relations student at the University of Calgary. During his first year, CCO invited him to fill out a survey. However, when one of the student leaders tried to follow up with him, he ignored their calls.

CCO Ottawa Founders' Dinner RSVP

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Going anywhere, from coast to coast

By Eric Myatt, CCO Eastern Regional Director One of CCO’s campus missionaries told me his secret to getting up each morning to pray. He would awaken to his alarm and an all-too-familiar desire to hit the snooze button and roll over. But, instead of that, he trained

The Power of a Story

By Taylor Hyatt Last October 15th, Canada’s Supreme Court heard arguments for the Carter v. Canada assisted suicide case. The judges recommended that any adult with a “grievous and irremediable” health condition causing “enduring and intolerable suffering” should be able to end their life with the help

Being a CCO Missionary: What I Really Think about Support Raising

By Eric Chow   “So when are you going to find a REAL job?”   This was one of the questions asked of me soon after signing up to work as a missionary with CCO in 2004. I was just starting to build my financial support team.