How Can Fear Be Overcome?

I was in court recently. It all started eighteen months ago. I walked out my front door with a large saw in my hand. Don’t worry – I wasn’t the defendant in my court appearance. There were just a few tree branches in my backyard beginning to

Leadership Books

by Eric Chow CCO Directors seem to always be in meetings. In a recent meeting we began to discuss the need for good leadership resources and books. Being a group of leaders, I began to hear the thought-gears turning. We started looking for that magical “first” book

Rooted In My Father's Love

By Eric Chow One of my favorite memories growing up was going fishing with my dad. We would get up early to load the boat then head out into open waters. Thinking about that tiny little boat I’m surprised that I never felt afraid or anxious! I

The Long Road

By: Joshua Hrynchyshyn. My journey with CCO began in my first year of university when I first met Andre Regnier. I wish I could say that when I met him I instantly wanted to become a CCO Missionary, but my journey is not as simple as that.

"Do You Know That Person?"

By Eric Myatt When asked this question about a friend, I never imagined myself saying anything other than “Yes”. Yes, I’ve met them. Yes, I know their name. Yes, they invited me to play Candy Crush once. But recently I’m hesitant to say that I really know

Out of Love

By: Iris Mell. In January 2012 I met CCO and participated in my first faith study, Discovery. Discovery unveiled God personal and proven love for me and at the end I invited Him to be at the center of my life. I was amazed that it was

The Erics Revealed as Superheroes

by Elizabeth Krump When people ask me what it’s like to work for the Erics, they often lean in as if expecting stories of vigilantes saving the world. The Erics are legendary. Eric Chow is the eternally youthful Regional Director in the West. Eric Myatt is the

The Joyful Compass

 By: Mark Suezo. My parents are hardworking people and have done so much to ensure that my brother and sister and I were provided for our whole life. I am very proud of what they have accomplished. I was raised with the philosophy that as their son,

A Place For All Gifts

By: Elizabeth Krump. When I made the adult decision to follow Christ with all my heart in my second year at SFU, the focus of my recreational time shifted significantly. The newfound zeal I discovered for sharing my faith motivated me to seize every opportunity to be

St. FX Award Nominations

| Nominations for the St. Francis Xavier Award (Please use only this top page, a glitch has occurred that has repeated this page below, thank you)Each year at the Spring Banquet CCO Vancouver honors an alumnus who has gone on after their time with CCO on campus