CCO Career Opportunities

Campus Missionary Positions

We need young men and women who desire to continually grow in leadership to serve those around them. Campus missionaries must be highly motivated to meet new people and are expected to go above and beyond in their efforts to build relationships with students.

National Missionary Positions

Be part of the team that influences the entire movement. As a National staff member, you can help lead the movement through the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Missions and Conferences, Stewardship and Development, and Communications. This is an opportunity to labour for the salvation of souls in a unique environment of faith and professional excellence.




Are you looking to use the skills you have learned and put them to use for the Kingdom? The Finance Department is dedicated and plays a key role in establishing a strong foundation to support the fulfillment of this mission. Our team serves the movement through accounting, budgeting, donations management, tax receipting & financial analysis.

Human Resources

Do you have the desire to help others grow in completeness with Christ and to challenge them to live out their missionary call? The Human Resource Team is dedicated to providing a fantastic work environment and professional care for all CCO missionaries, both on campus and in our Headquarters. We focus in the areas of staff support, specific training modules for staff, recruitment & hiring, and many other exciting initiatives.



Stewardship and Development

The S&D team provides a fast-paced, hands-on learning environment, with a strong potential for professional development, allowing staff to use areas of giftedness from a national perspective. We see the way God provides for our mission directly through working on: fundraising events, partnership development efforts, grant applications and many more initiatives.

“Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you!
Do not be afraid to dream of great things!”
– Pope Francis