Commission expresses more than thirty years of experience in outreach and leadership formation on Canadian university campuses, domestic and international missions, and in parishes around the world. In our evangelization efforts, we strive to identify with people, and to celebrate the beauty and goodness in each individual. We also look for appropriate opportunities to introduce these people to Jesus in a non-judgmental, relevant, clear and simple way.

The three pillars of CCO are to proclaim, equip and commission. We believe that a clear and simple proclamation of the Good News of Jesus is urgently needed in the world, even among Catholics. This is the mandate of the New Evangelization, which is focused on the evangelization of baptized Catholics who do not have a relationship with Jesus. Once we’ve proclaimed the Gospel and people have experienced conversion, we seek to equip them with the necessary skills to evangelize others. We hope that through Commission you will act on the great task Jesus gave his disciples, “to go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18).


The Premise
Recognizing that evangelization is our deepest identity.

Holiness and Mission
Holiness and mission are interdependent.

The Kerygma
Comprehending the necessity of clearly and simply proclaiming the kerygma.

Recognizing how we have experienced God’s saving action in our own lives.

Intentional Accompaniment
Accompanying people with a purpose and a plan on their journeys of faith.

Intentional Accompaniment: Understanding the Lost
Intentionally accompanying those who have not yet experienced a conversion to Jesus.

Intentional Accompaniment: Holiness and Mission
Intentionally accompanying disciples of Jesus as they progress in holiness and mission.

Seeing and Seizing Opportunities
Identifying people and situations in our spheres of influence that could be transformed through a clear proclamation of Jesus.

Next Generation Mindset
Understanding a ministry of spiritual multiplication.



Recognizing, with great expectations, the work of the Holy Spirit both in the evangelizer and in the one being evangelized.