Leading Discovery

Leading Discovery: A 25th Anniversary Initiative

For its 25th Anniversary in 2013, CCO launched the Leading Discovery initiative. The words ‘Leading Discovery’ are more than just leading a CCO Discovery faith study. Leading Discovery is about discovering the majesty, power and clarity of the Gospel. Leading Discovery is about raising leaders for the New Evangelization. CCO supporters, students, alumni and friends are invited to consider leading a CCO Discovery Faith Study, and this site is a resource to help you do it!


Three Steps to Start Leading Discovery

I’m not sure I can do this. What do I need to know about leading a Discovery group?

Get oriented to Discovery, and what is involved with leading a small group with this multimedia training module. Training Orientation

How do I start a study?

See how to get started here in our multimedia training module called: Making an Impact List

Nervous about inviting people?

I feel nervous thinking about inviting people to join the faith study; how do I overcome this fear? Follow this link to view a quote from Pope St. John Paul II’s encyclical Redemptoris Missio which challenges and encourages us to overcome our fears.

Training Resources

Parish Questionnaire

Access a tool to help you gain contacts from your parish community – A Sixty Second Survey can be used to make contact with fellow parishioners and to gain contact information from those why may be interested in joining a Faith Study.

Consider using it after Mass. You could make an announcement and have the survey available in the pews or perhaps just at a table near the entrance although with the former you are sure to get better participation.

Parish Study Sign-Up Sheet

For use after an announcement at Mass – After making an announcement at Mass, you can use this form to collect names and contact information from those who are expressing interest in joining your Faith Study.

Parish Invitation Handout

A print out to use to invite people to join your Faith Study – Use this printout to personally invite friends, family, colleagues or parishioners to join your Faith Study.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting

If you’re having trouble knowing exactly where to begin, just download and follow this step-by-step guide. Your study will be up and running in no time!

Impact List

During your first steps, you’ll be making an Impact List. Download and use this chart below to keep organized and stay on top of the process.

More Resources

You may find these bookmarks/response cards helpful when planning your parish study.


A Busy Mom’s Discovery

My name is Jen. I’m a young mom of 2 little boys. As I sit down to write this, one of them is pitching a fit in his time out. I just finished cleaning, but you may not be able to tell because of the tornado named ‘2 year old’ that follows me around ‘helping’.

My usual daily routine revolves around laundry and meal plans, making sure there is a sort of balance in the Cheerio to veggie ratio, which is hard sometimes since the Cheerios are liked and the veggies, for some reason, get turned into projectiles. They are my joy – my boys, not the veggies.

Recently the office of Evangelization for our archdiocese started a parish based Discovery initiative and I was asked to lead a discovery study in my parish. My initial reaction was to run, but maybe I can fit that in between veggie firing session #1 and lunch? Maybe we could start early before they’re up? Or after they go to bed? Or maybe we could do it at a playground? I had my doubts, but I said yes and, in all honesty, it was solely an act of the will.

Gone from these busy days are the ‘feelings’ of loving the lost the way I have known in the past. Gone from these busy days are inviting people over to my orderly house and sharing in a quiet attentive environment. (Even now, my little one has shown up in the living room with empty tube of toothpaste. I’m not sure where the contents are but I am going to wait until I’m done here to go see.)

I said yes to leading the Discovery study and set out to find a group of leaders who, when done, would lead it as well. This being the mandate from ‘downtown’ – to lead others who will then lead others – the classic CCO model of spiritual multiplication. We started in September with kids, crumbs, toys and all in a room in our parish center. All of us had taken the Discovery study before and most of us had led it, but what ended up happening was a wonderful time of sharing and grace that I had not experienced and didn’t expect.

I firmly believe you can’t experience the Discovery study ‘too many times’ – that implies that speaking of God’s love and His saving power is ‘getting old’. It isn’t. He is able to reveal (and remind) us of His love in new ways each time we open ourselves to listening. We are moving on now to CCO’s Commission study, and in the fall will all branch off to start the Discovery study with new groups. For now, as I continue to seek God in little ways, I know that each time I say ‘yes’ despite my own selfishness, busy-ness, even ‘dry-ness’ and each time I ‘want’ to say no, God will surprise me with His grace in the most unexpected ways. God is here in my loud and messy house and to see Jesus proclaimed, in spite of the crazyness, and maybe even because of it, is what brings me joy!