February 14th – 23rd, 2020

October 31st, 2019

To Be Determined

Approx. $2400


Honduras, a Central American paradise often associated with a dangerous image, is actually becoming a more and more vibrant place with an enormous amount to offer. After a decade in which the country spiralled into a time of terrible violence, Honduras has begun the journey back from it’s political mess, and the outlook is more hopeful than ever.

Honduras, believed to be the site of the first Catholic Mass celebrated in the Americas, is Catholic in name, but is falling into the growing trend of secularism. That is why this February, Catholic Christian Outreach has been invited to bring a team of student missionaries to the city of Comayagua, to partner with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and MCC ( Movimiento Cristiano Catolico) to reach out to local university students, and to continue building the momentum gained in CCO’s previous three missions to Honduras

As part of this mission, we will be on a local university campus, helping MCC with their campus outreach. Our outreach will look very similar to the outreach we do at the beginning of each semester on our Canadian campuses; seeking new contacts, sharing the Ultimate Relationship booklet, going on follow-ups with new students, etc.

Spanish is NOT necessary to be part of this mission. The campus and students we will be working with are more equipped with English that on our previous Honduras missions!

Please note that mission acceptances may not be sent out until after the Oct 31, 2019 deadline.


The goal of this mission will be to bring our experience of campus outreach to campus in Comayagua.  We will continue to build momentum with the newly established university movement, MCC

Our mission will begin with a time of orientation at Montreal. During our time in Montreal, you’ll get to know your teammates, pray for the mission, and receive training to equip you.

Once in Honduras, mission participants will also have the opportunity to do outreach alongside the Honduran students and learn from each other about best practices and how to improve missionary activity on university campuses.

“I learned that I am capable of more, and of greater things that I ever would have thought. Learning this only came when I was in situations where I had to rely completely on God.”

“This mission taught me to surrender myself to God’s will. I learned the importance of evangelizing and that all who are baptized are called to be missionary, it’s in our spiritual DNA. For the longest time I tried to deny this part of myself. Everyone desires to be in relationship with God, we just need to say yes and commit ourselves to Him.”

“Because of this mission I can’t imagine not living my faith. I felt like my missionary identity is permanently embedded in my heart, mind and soul. I feel like I’ve wasted years not acting on my missionary call, and now I want to make up for it. My heart is on fire for the conversion of souls and I believe it is Christ in me who is lighting the fire.”

The cost of the Honduras 2020 mission is still being finalized, but will help CCO cover the cost of the following:

  • Orientation & training in Montreal
  • Accommodations
  • Travel from Canada to Honduras
  • Most meals

The fee does not include:

  • Medical expenses before (ie. vaccinations needed) or during the mission (ie travel insurance)
  • Travel to the orientation location in Canada and home from there after the project is concluded

Each CCO Missions participant has the opportunity to fundraise the entire cost of their mission trip through tax-deductible donations. Consider this: fundraising allows people who may not have the opportunity to travel on a mission project to participate in this essential work by donating towards the mission project. In another sense, “some give by going, while others go by giving.” Allowing others to support us through their financial commitments and prayers is essential to the success of CCO Missions!

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance; the remainder of the cost must be paid according to the payment schedule that you will receive in your acceptance package.

Finally, we’re here to help you! We know support raising can seem intimidating. In you acceptance package we’ll provide you with a number of tools that will help be more confident in raising support. And of course, you can always get in touch with us by email at missions@cco.ca, or by phone, 613-736-1999.