May 27th – June 15th 2019

Jan 31, 2020



In its early years, London’s Soho Square was know as one of the most fashionable places to live. Now, known for its artsy flavour, it’s home to media moguls such as 20th Century Fox, and Dolby Europe. At the heart of Soho Square, however, is St. Patrick’s Soho, a vibrant Catholic parish with an active evangelical ministry and outreach to the poor. Soho Square IS the place to be in London, and that is where we’ll be during this mission.

The Church NEEDS it’s people to rise up and not be afraid to share their faith in a 1-on-1 context. On this mission you will be challenged and stretched as we look for opportunities to share the gospel in a clear and simple way, one person at a time. Are you ready to boldly share your faith with the recovering addict in Cenacolo ministry? How about with the homeless woman using the Night Shelter on a Friday night? Those people loitering across the road in the square? Those are the Catholics who walked away the minute they had the chance.

The Church needs YOU. ARE you ready to give your bold “yes”? Are you ready to do the hard work of fundraising for mission, and to overcome your fears of being turned away by the stranger? Your “yes” is not a “yes” to offering your own talents to the mission, but rather to letting God use you in ways that you never though imaginable. Through your “yes”, and through Gods grace, you will do far more than you could have ever asked or imagined.

Don’t feel equipped yet? No worries. CCO is going to equip you with the all the skills, and knowledge you need to step out confidently into Soho Square

Please note that mission acceptances may not be sent out until after the Jan 31, 2020 deadline.