Adam Sa-Di Meo

Adam Sa-Di Meo

Toronto Metropolitan University

World Youth Day

About me

Hello! My name is Adam. I am a third-year Politics and Governance student at Toronto Metropolitan University. During my free time, I enjoy reading about history and theology, expanding my horizons through the writings of some of the greatest church minds. Alongside my academic hobbies, I enjoy a good board games and winter activities such as skating and winter hiking.

I joined Catholic Christian Outreach’s campus ministry in my second year; after the university reopened from the pandemic. I remember struggling to find a personal relationship with God when we were all stuck at home and not understanding how to speak with someone I couldn’t see. When campus reopened, CCO provided me with a community of great people ready to grow together in our relationships and understanding of Jesus. The community on campus was essential to guiding me on a path where I could deepen my relationship with God. CCO has given me the opportunities on campus to learn more and teach others about Jesus and the unique sense of happiness we get through our relationship with him.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

“[The] Third Millennium brings the urgent challenge of the new evangelization. True, it is not easy to proclaim the Gospel in a world which claims not to need God.” – St. Pope John Paul II

The world is a crazy place, and these words from St. Pope John Paul II speak to me in a special way. After seeing the work CCO missionaries do on my campus I can see how they bring this urgent call for a new evangelization to my campus. Their inspiring example of spreading Jesus’s love to my university has inspired me to serve God and his Church in spreading the gospel, especially in this loud and confusing world. This mission at world youth day is the perfect opportunity to spread and teach about Jesus and his love, what that love means for us and how our lives are transformed by accepting the special invitation he extends to all of us.

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