Aisha Cheung

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Hello! My name is Aisha Cheung and I’m in my first year of my second degree in Education at the University of Calgary. I grew up in Hong Kong, but I would consider Calgary as my home. I really enjoy playing piano, reading, spending time in nature, and hanging out with friends!

I was born and raised in by my lovely Catholic parents, and I remember going to church ever since I could remember. Christian moral values have played a part in my family since I was young. But God didn’t feel real to me, He was always somewhere in my life, and He was only a part of my life. I didn’t know that I was meant to have a deeper relationship with Him.

When I started university, I became more involved with my parish, but God was still only a part of my life because I would constantly choose sin over God, and then tried to be ignorant about how it hurt Him.

When I joined CCO in my third year of my first degree, I became more aware of my faith. I began to understand why I am Catholic, and I chose to place Jesus at the centre of my life. I realized that He loved me so much, not only did He died for me, but He went through all the suffering for my sins, even when He is perfect and sinless.

I am thrilled to go on this two-month mission to St. John’s because I, as an instrument of God, can help others grow closer to the Lord. I am looking forward to be able to accompany parishioners for two months of their faith journey. I will also have the opportunity to help equip others so that they may have the tools to continue the evangelization so that more souls can be reached!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I kindly ask for you to consider supporting me financially, but most importantly, please pray for the St. John’s mission team and the people we will encounter on the mission. God bless!

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