Alyssa Brul

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Hello! My name is Alyssa Brul; I am a third year Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies student at the University of Calgary. I am so thankful to live near the beautiful Rocky Mountains! During my spare time, I like to watercolour paint, and spend time with my family and friends. On the weekends, I volunteer my time exploring the city with a group of kids with disabilities.

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta from a loving Catholic Filipino family. Growing up, I knew I had a relationship with God, but I felt I had to be perfect and I had to please him – to be loved by him. During that time, trusting in God was a persistent struggle for me. Instead, I had the tendency to take control over my life by relying on my own strength and performance. However, I realized my own strength was insufficient to overcome the many difficult moments I have experienced in my life.

In my first year of university, I heard about CCO through my youth group. I took Discovery – the first faith study of the series. One of the most vivid memories I had in Discovery was to invite Jesus to be at the center of my life. It brought me such freedom to know that I wasn’t expected to be perfect for Jesus to love me. He just did. I just needed to give my “yes” to his invitation, so that he can work in all areas of my life. My life is no longer composed of various tasks that I have to do, but it is a journey with God by my side – I have found so much freedom in this conviction.

Giving my “yes” to placing Jesus at the center of life gave me the opportunity to become a student leader on the University of Calgary campus. I found joy in being a radiant vessel for God’s love through being a student leader. I witness the small and big steps students make towards Jesus through accompanying them in their faith journeys.

From this experience, it is my desire to resume this mission beyond the university campus and to continue this mission in Mexico: to work with Catholic university students, and to volunteer with the Hope for the Poor ministries. I am excited to work with an amazing mission team to proclaim the gospel and to invite people to give their “yes” to beautiful encounter with Jesus. By going on mission, I give my “yes” to God once again because I am hopeful for the many blessings that will happen in Mexico.

To participate in this mission project, we are responsible to raise a portion of the cost through tax-deductible donations to cover training, accommodations, food, and transportation, in the amount of $2,600.

Would you like to give your “yes” to partake in this mission with me? Your support through prayers and tax-deductible donations is kindly appreciated. You are an integral part in renewing the world and making a difference in the lives of others. Thank you!

God Bless,
Alyssa Brul