Austin Jiménez-Arsenault

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Hello all! My name is Austin Jiménez-Arsenault and I’m a student of Philosophy and of Mandarin at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

I had the joy to be raised as a Catholic through my mother and had the blessing to enjoy a vibrant community in my parish. However for my high school life, my faith was always only on the sideline and did not receive special reverence from myself.

My relationship with my faith changed 2 years ago and I recognized that I needed to change so much of how I lived my life for Christ. I began to regularly attend, receive the sacraments with grace and actively followed the Church. This change became fully defined and aided though, when I encountered CCO on my University campus. Their faith study program truly showed how I could live for Christ not only through reason but also through Faith, prayer and love. I came to see a loving relationship with Christ was the best way for joy.

Through CCO once again I am offered the blessed chance to go on Mission in Scotland to spread this good news I’ve received with the lovely people in Aberdeen!

I please, heartily, ask for your support in going on this Mission through your donations and your prayers. I thank you all in advance for your support and love.

Austin Jiménez-Arsenault

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