Bea Alexis Balasta

Please support my mission!
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Hello! My name is Bea Alexis Balasta and I am in my second year of Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University. I am blessed to currently serve on our campus’ student executive team as well as work part-time alongside the CCO missionary staff there. This will be my first time going on mission and I am super stoked to be a part of this year’s trip to Belize in May!

Prior to my undergrad, I had prided myself in my knowledge of who God was and what it meant to be a Catholic. Upon joining the ministry, I soon realized that I only knew of God and not His personal love for us all. With the accompaniment of CCO staff and student leaders, I was able to rediscover my faith and encounter God in a beautiful and special way. From there, my heart for the lost grew and my desire to share that the Gospel with others strengthened.

In answering this call to serve in Belize, we will be partnering with different parishes to proclaim, equip and further prepare our Brothers and Sisters of the universal Church. I would kindly ask you to thoughtfully support me on this mission either through prayer or financially, both is appreciated! Thank you!