Christien Salem

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My name is Christien and I am a student at the University of Ottawa in my 4th year studying Physics and Electrical Engineering. I grew up in a town near Toronto called Caledon. I love my Lord of the Rings, which you would think makes me quite the nerd. You’re not wrong, but you’re only slightly right. I am a cross country runner, I play hockey, soccer, football. Basically, you name it, I play it. That simple. See? I’m sporty too. We can be both. I study what I study, not because I hate free time, but because it challenges me, and also because I believe that science is an unbelievable way to better understand Our Lord.

I am so grateful for the family that I grew up in. They raised me Catholic, and strong in my Faith. If not for them, I do not think I would have been as loving of God in my youth. It makes sense then that my life did a 180 when I came to university and was without them. I ditched my Faith for what the world offered. This story does have a happy ending, I promise, but when I was in my third year in University, I really questioned if it would end happily. God is an incredible author. It was from this depth of despair that He pulled me out, and it all started when I was brought to CCO. It was through their Faith Studies and nights of Adoration, and Praise and Worship that I found Him again. Jesus was once again at the centre of my life.

Now, I must act. That joy that I’ve found in Christ is not something I want to keep to myself. I want every person I meet to share in this joy and love that I have found. It is not only a desire, but my duty to God to go out and be missionary, proclaiming the Good News clearly and simply. To build God’s kingdom.