Christopher Ruest

Christopher Ruest

University of Saskatchewan


About me

Hello there! I’m Chris Ruest and am currently in my second year of Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan. I was raised in a rural area on a farm near the small town of Shaunavon, Sk. Growing up I remember looking at the night sky and always being fascinated by the sheer beauty and grandeur of a seemingly infinite amount of stars. This magnificence of God’s creation would then be the precursor to my discovery of him.

Now that I am in college I am very thankful for the gift that CCO has been to me and for the gift that I am able to be through CCO. Participation in and leadership of faith studies has challenged me to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus and lean into the divine providence of God. When I am not diving deep into a faith study, however, I enjoy playing competitive sports, reading a good book, or going on an adventure! I love giving my time to parishes as an altar server and recently have found much joy leading in music ministry at my home parish.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

The world is in need and people are crying out desperate for a better way of life. Everyone deserves to know about the love that God the Father has for them. In today’s day and age, many have forgotten about the truth, beauty, and goodness of God. Many might not have ever gotten the chance to know about it. On mission, I wish to share the message of the gospel and also learn valuable skills that I can take with me back home because the mission never stops until all have heard. I am very excited to be a witness to whatever Jesus has in store for this years Halifax mission!

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