Claire Mackey

Claire Mackey

Brock University


About me

Hello! My name is Claire Mackey, and I am from Walkerton, Ontario. I am currently heading into my third year of university at Brock U, where I’m studying English Language and Literature. I am passionate about writing, movies, music, and the outdoors! My favourite books include Anne of Green Gables, The Book Theif, and Harry Potter. I have an incredible love for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and nature, in general.

I joined CCO in my first year at BU and was invited to step into the role of vice president of the CCO student executive on my campus this past fall. Through CCO, I have had endless opportunities to learn about missions, share my faith with my peers and watch many of them encounter Jesus for the first time in their lives. Our God is truly a good God! Thank you so much for supporting me on this mission, both prayerfully and financially.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

I encountered Jesus for the first time in elementary school through a viral video called Falling Plates. In the month leading up to that moment, I felt the Lord pulling at my heart. In the video’s closing, Jesus says, “Will you follow me?” and at that moment, I knew that Jesus was calling me home. I entered the church that following Easter, but it wasn’t until High School that I had an intense and personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist during Adoration and began to put Jesus at the center of my life. Since then, the Lord has given me a heart of evangelization and has called me endlessly to spread the Gospel to youth and young adults through administration and pastoring roles. I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is calling me to serve in Halifax this May and June and that He has GREAT things in store for this mission. I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to join CCO on this mission and accompany parishioners, young adults, and youth in Halifax as they come to know Jesus in a personal and tangible way, just as I have known Him.

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