Coral Hillier

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My name is Coral Hillier, and I am a second-year Behavioural Neuroscience student at the University of British Columbia.

I was raised in an atheist household, and never really questioned my parents’ views on faith. I thought that even if there was a God, He certainly didn’t care about me. It was only after going through a tremendously difficult period in the fall of 2017, which should have confirmed the idea of an uncaring God, that everything changed.

One of my close friends invited me to go to Mass with her, and with that one “Yes” in January of 2018, God showed me how good He is. The week after going to Mass for the first time, I met CCO in my residence and joined a Discovery faith study. During the next few months I learned more about Catholicism, found immeasurable peace in the mass and in prayer, and decided to commit my life to Christ. I was scared of the potential consequences of this decision, especially of losing my family, but God assured me that there was no consequence that was worth turning away from Him.

Over the past year, the Lord has helped me to grow in faith, hope, joy and love. He has given me the opportunity to join RCIA to prepare to be baptized this Easter, as well as to be an active member of CCO at UBC. Not only do I get to continue growing in faith and fellowship in the amazing community, but I get to encourage others to do the same as a faith study leader.

I am so thankful for the amazing chance to go on this mission to Honduras and witness how God will work through our team there. The CCO missionaries and leaders in my life have had a tremendous impact on me throughout my conversion, and it is such a gift to be able to give that back through this mission.

“For if we have received the love which restores meaning to our lives, how can we fail to share that love with others?” -Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope that you will consider supporting God’s plan for me on this mission through generous donation or prayer. As well, I ask that you keep our whole team in your prayers as we embark on this journey together.

God bless!

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