Daniel Villamil

Daniel Villamil

Memorial University of Newfoundland

World Youth Day

About me

Hey, my name is Daniel Villamil, welcome to my mission fundraising page. I am from Flatrock, Newfoundland and I am pursuing a degree in education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am currently on the Exec team for our Catholic club on campus. I have a wide range of interests from electronic music to sports.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up Catholic. I have always felt that there had to be more to this world than what I have seen, but I just didn’t have the answers. One day walking though my university I met some students from the Catholic club on Campus. I remember being so excited signing up for something that I knew nothing about. From the moment I discovered God has a plan for us I was certain that Catholicism was for me. I learnt that Jesus desires to have an intimate relationship with all of us. At first, I felt like it was impossible to be close with Jesus, but the CCO missionaries assured me that it is possible and not as hard as I imagined.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

I want to go on mission because I understand how important it is to reach out to share Jesus with people. Here in Newfoundland I see how far many people are from God. It is not easy to bring people back to the faith, but it is worth the effort. In my time at Memorial, I have noticed how much of an impact I am capable of making. In my time I have seen the community grow beyond measures. I am excited about seeing how much of an impact Jesus can make for the people at World Youth Day and sharing it to others when I get back to campus. I am also excited to grow in my skills of reaching out to others who may feel far away from Jesus, letting them know that he has always been with them.

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