My Story

Hello everyone!
I am Fadzai Muzhuzha, a Zimbabwean student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. I have been living in St. John’s for the past 4 years and I have appreciated every single minute of it. In coming to Canada I was able to encounter Christ in a personal way under the guidance of the campus missionaries from CCO which has lead to a change in my view on life and its possible challenges. In my spare time I enjoy playing squash, cooking and baking for my family and friends; of late I have re-immersed myself in reading books and devoting time to grow in knowledge about Scriptural writings. I also love to travel and immerse myself in new cultures and experiences. I am very excited to be going to Portugal to see what the Lord has in store for me there!


Why do I want to be on Mission?

I would like to be on this mission because as time has gone on I have realised that I have a duty which I have been entrusted with, to share the Gospel and the goodness of God with those around me and going on mission is part of that ,”YES” that I am giving to the Lord. The mission to Portugal is the beginning of me ripping off the roof and stepping outside of my comfort zone to spread the Gospel without any barriers or bounds. The World Youth Day is something that I have wanted to attend since I was 13 and so when I felt this call from the Lord to apply I knew that he had a plan for me there that was beyond my wildest imagination. The difference between me at 13 and now is that I am not attending this conference for enjoyment purely, but I am attending with the great expectation to pass on this gift and entrust it to others too. Setting the world on fire and building brick by brick the city of God in the city of man , one person at a time.

Help Fadzai Make Jesus Known

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