Isabel Lopez

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Hi! My name is Isabel Lopez and I’m from Vancouver B.C. I graduated from Trinity Western University (TWU) with a Bachelors in Business Admin.

Being born (in Mexico) into a traditional, devout Catholic family, my parents taught me the importance of the faith from a young age. I am very passionate about sharing my faith with others thanks to being a core leader in my youth group, assisting in PREP for a few years, street ministry and other involvements in my parish. I met CCO in my first year of university in 2014, and have been involved since. I’ve always been interested in the CCO mission trips, but never really considered going myself, until last year at RiseUp where that ‘interest’ grew into a deep longing and burning desire – I truly felt the Holy Spirit calling me to it.

Through this mission, I want to be able to guide others in their journey with Christ, whatever point they may be at, affirming their faith, and lighting a fire in them. I want to be a part of the chain reaction of evangelization from one person to the other – and for that to happen, those we encounter in Mexico will need to become equipped with the right armor, become leaders, and then commission others themselves. In Mexico, many are cradle Catholics, but some have lost that fire from within. Being able to make an impact on even just ONE person’s life would mean the world to me; to able to touch their heart, through my testimony, through evangelization, through intentional accompaniment–leading them closer to Christ. Besides this, there is a lot of poverty in Mexico City, and this mission provides us with the opportunity to be able to help the poorest of the poor and serve them with open hands and heart, like Mother Theresa, who has always been a huge inspiration to me.

I am so blessed to be able to share Christ’s love with others. I am excited to see what God has planned for me through this Mission, because I know that it will equally make a difference in my own life.

It would mean a lot to me if you kept me in your prayers during this time, and that you prayerfully consider supporting me financially as I fundraise for this mission. With your help, together with the Holy Spirit, we will be able to make a difference in others’ lives.

Thank you!!

God bless,