Jose Arnal

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Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Jose Arnal, and I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Queen’s University. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela where I grew up before moving to Canada at the age of ten. Currently I am a faithful parishioner at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kingston, and I have been actively contributing to the mission on campus at Queen’s University. I enjoy adventure, spiritual conversations, spending time with family and friends, and learning about the sciences and mathematics.

By God’s grace I will be participating on CCO’s 2019 Honduras mission where I hope to share the Gospel in a clear and simple fashion. This will be my second time participating on a CCO mission. I previously participated on a mission trip to Mexico in 2016 that changed the course of my life.

I grew up in a loving home to extremely loving parents. Thankfully I received the sacraments of initiation as a child, but unfortunately regular mass attendance and catechism wasn’t a part of my childhood. I believed and worship God the Father to the extent of my ignorance. I loved the Father, but I wasn’t as sure of what that meant and looked like. During the summer after high school I worked at a Christian summer camp where I was better introduced to the person of Jesus, and I made the decision to commit myself more to Him. Unfortunately, once I started university this promise was overshadowed by the worldly temptations that come with a typical university life. At the same time, I participated in one of CCO’s weekly faith studies where a CCO missionary challenged and encouraged me to go on mission to Mexico City. I reluctantly took his advice and decided to participate. My sinful lifestyle continued and progressed until a week before the mission, where I had now hit a very low and shameful point in my life. How was I, a broken and sinful man, supposed to somehow share God’s good news? These were the thoughts that crossed through my mind. In preparation for the mission I went to confession for the first time in years where I received the mercy and graces to partake in the mission. When I came back to Canada from Mexico City, I was moved to change my lifestyle, participate in the mission of the Church, further learn about Jesus and his Church, and remake the promise to commit myself to Jesus.

Now three years later, I find myself a completely changed man seeking to once again go oversees to share God’s Word. As someone who is now, by the Grace of God, better equipped to proclaim the Gospel, I hope and pray to bring the love and peace of our Lord to students and young people in Honduras. I hope to be a light in the brokenness that I myself saw in Latin America when I was growing up in Venezuela; and I hope to train future faithful and missionary people in Honduras.

I kindly ask you to join me in this mission by praying for me and the rest of the team; as well as by financially supporting me to cover the $2800 cost of the mission, which I don’t have the means to cover myself.

My love to all of you in Christ Jesus,
Jose Arnal

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