Joseph Lucero

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Hello there! My name is Joseph and I am a final-year Physics undergraduate at Simon Fraser University. After graduation I intend on pursuing a Masters then a PhD degree with the full intention of pursuing a faculty position at a University someday.

While I was born and raised Catholic faithfully by my parents, as I grew up and learned about the world, I began to have questions regarding the Christian faith in general, and the Catholic faith in particular. In addition, these questions that I posed did not really seem answerable by those who were of the faith around me. This happened at the same time that I began to learn about science and its ability to explain the phenomena around us to an amazing level of detail. Eventually, I gave up on trying to find the answers to the questions that I had and simply concluded that the Faith was wrong and so I stopped believing in it. It was through the amazing grace of God that a person came into my life, who was a Christian though not Catholic, who began to answer the questions that I had long since had about the Christian faith and who challenged me to reexamine my own faith. It was through this reexamination that I became convinced of the Catholic faith and so I sought out the Catholic community on campus which happened to be CCO.

I have been a part of CCO for the past two years and they were instrumental in affirming what I had come to learn in my reexamination of the faith, but also introduced me to the Gospel message in a clear and simple way. It was through CCO that I was eventually led to an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. As Bishop Barron observes, in his talk at the World Meeting of Families 2018: “nobody in the bible is ever given an experience of God without being sent… so we, who believe in Jesus Christ now have this enormous responsibility to go and proclaim Him”. Having had my encounter with the Lord, I am now answering my own call to mission and I am extremely excited to be headed to Mexico City!

I have a great expectation that, in this mission, I will develop my own skills in leadership and evangelization which I can bring with me back home as well as carry with me through the rest of my life. I humbly ask that you please keep me, the Mexico City mission, as well as all the other mission teams in your prayers; that we may ultimately succeed in bringing souls back to the Father.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sincerely yours in Christ,


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