Kamsi Charles-Eigbedion

Kamsi Charles-Eigbedion

Trent University


About me

Hi! My name is Kamsi Charles-Eigbedion. I live in Peterborough, Ontario but I’m originally from Nigeria. I am a third-year undergraduate student, and I major in Biology with a specialization in Health Sciences. I’ve been a Catholic for my whole life, but I would say that in the last few years, I’ve learned what it means to actively live out the Christian faith and I’ve had the opportunity to proclaim the faith by leading bible studies on my campus.

I like to go on walks or read books in my own time. I love philosophy- deep, thoughtful talks are my jam., I think I’m very decent at landscape photography, and I’m a major lover of Korean dramas.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

I want to be part of this mission because I believe it’s a wonderful chance to continuously carry out one of the Lord’s commands to journey into the world and proclaim the Good News to everyone. I’ve had the experience of being able to approach a random individual during outreach and introduce them to Christianity, interestingly by just asking them if they’re willing to complete a ten-minute survey. When you’re talking to people at that time, you can see that this is what they have been searching for their entire life, but they just didn’t know where to start from, that question of whether or not they’re willing to start a start bible study or have a personal relationship with Jesus.

And there are many individuals in the world who need that chance but are unable to get it for a variety of reasons. So by God’s grace, I would like to be that vessel that God uses to bring this opportunity to His children and call them home.

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