Kathleen D

Kathleen Desmond

Mount Allison University

World Youth Day

About me

Hello! I’m Kathleen Desmond, and I was born and raised in uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. During the school year, I live in Sackville – a little town right in the top right corner of New Brunswick- where I attend Mount Allison University as a third year piano student. There’s a small but mighty Catholic club here, with events like CCO faith studies, and right now we’re going through the Search series by Chris Stefanick. My current career aspirations are to become a music teacher, and (time and resources permitting) play in an orchestra, conduct choirs, give lessons, and provide music for Mass. School takes up a huge chunk of time, but in any spare moment I love writing, philosophy, theology, anything in the fresh air, and hosting themed dinner parties with my roommate.


Why do I want to be on Mission?

The Catechism tells us that life itself is a mission: to know and love God. To spread that one Truth belonging to every human being is the mission of every Catholic. How can we possibly believe in a reality so beautiful, and keep it all to ourselves? World Youth Day has always been on my bucket list- I’ve been mesmerized by seeing photos of the masses of people, by hearing incredible stories… it all makes me want to be there! Not only am I attracted to the actual event, but I’ve never journeyed beyond North America, so I’m eager to travel to a place as foreign as Lisbon. On top of all that, everything I’ve done with CCO so far has been both live-giving and a blast, and I doubt that this mission will be any different. Thank you for all your support, I will be praying for all of you!

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