Kristy Bui

Mount Royal University

World Youth Day

About me

My name is Kristy Bui and I am currently in my second year in the Bachelor of Nursing program at Mount Royal University. I was born in Vancouver and raised in Calgary, Alberta. My family comprises of five members including my mom, my dad, my two older sisters, and myself as the youngest. I have been blessed to be born in an immigrant family in which I have experienced God’s infinite goodness by solely what He has done for my family. My parents fled Vietnam as refugees after the fall of Saigon for freedom. They arrived in Canada knowing minimal English and barely having any money. Despite the hard beginnings in a new country, my parents kept their faith in God that He will provide for our family. Growing up witnessing my parents’ faith and love in our Lord has shaped the person that I am today. I would often reflect the struggles of my parents and the Vietnamese people. Their struggles remind me a lot of the Israelites seeking for the Promised Land – the struggle to wait while learning to trust in God. I believe that God has instilled in me this strong desire to chase after this Promised Land like the Israelites, and to do whatever it takes to obtain freedom like my parents. Both the chase and freedom being God Himself as the end goal. I hope and pray that I chase after God in my daily life through the people I meet and the circumstances that come up. May God live within and through me so that myself and everyone around me will obtain true freedom and reach our Promised Land.

To share my faith with others, I have served as a catechist for nearly ten years at my home parish. In my desire for the Lord, I have also discerned my vocation in a religious convent for two and a half years until God has led me onto the path to nursing. Although I may not be in the consecrated life, I hold vocations in a special place of my heart and hope that each of us will seek God’s Holy Will. To respond to this desire, I currently serve as VP of Communications with Serra Club in the Diocese of Calgary to promote and nurture a culture of vocations. Even in all my commitments, I also make sure I take time with the Lord in prayer, reading, cross-stitching, watching movies, and playing the piano and violin.


Why do I want to be on Mission?

“Our heart is restless until it rests in you.” This famous quote was said by St. Augustine and I think that after encountering Christ, there is no way that we can keep silent and we must do all that we can to be a witness to His unconditional love. I sustained a back injury a couple years ago and I could not go to school or work. I distinctly remember that I could not carry my niece for long or I would be in pain, and I thought how useless I was. During this time, I felt like I lost everything. But it was the moment that I thought I lost everything that I actually gained everything. God started to reveal His unwavering love for me in my soul. I recognized that it was not what I was able to do that made me worth loving, but it was because I was God’s precious daughter. As God has poured His infinite goodness and love in my soul, I hope and pray to be a witness to His love and proclaim to the world of His goodness. I pray that going on this mission with CCO will enable me to be God’s witness of His sustaining and freeing love.



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