Luis Cortez

Luis Cortez

University of Calgary


About me

Hi friends!
My name is Luis and I currently study Biology at the University of Calgary with a minor in psychology. I am lucky to have two amazing parents, a heavenly little sister named Emily and a not-so-heavenly little dog named Toby. Having been born and raised in Calgary, I love all things to do with the outdoors: hiking, camping, biking, star-gazing. I recently started learning guitar (again), and I am trying my hand at piano. I always enjoy a good book, great food, and the company of even greater people. I really love travelling and just being able to see more of this wonderful planet we call Earth. For the longest time, I guess you could say I knew Jesus, but I didn’t really know JESUS. It wasn’t until I signed up for my first faith study last semester that I really came to understand just how much of a personal and everlasting relationship Jesus wants with ME. By the grace of God, I am now blessed to be leading my own faith study this semester and helping other university students discover and live out of their own personal relationship with God.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

When I first joined CCO, signing up for mission was not something I thought I would be doing in my future. Sure, I thought it would be nice to maybe experience one day, but I figured that was way down the road. I was a little hesitant, a little nervous, and I remember thinking, “God, is this really something you want out of me, Luis, right now?” and at CCO’s Student Leadership Gathering, I truly felt his resonating “YES,” and all my fears and hesitations were burned away. I found comfort in knowing that God really does have a solid and perfect plan for myself and for each and everyone of us. I can think of nothing more exciting or fulfilling than proclaiming the goodness of God as a CCO student missionary. Fully embracing His love has kindled a fire of love in my heart for the world that He has created. Knowing firsthand the life-changing renewal that comes with choosing to have Jesus at the centre of your life, I am eager to help others as they choose this as well. I’m also excited to continue growing and strengthening my new missionary identity and bring my new experiences back to share with my campus and city. I can’t wait to help make Jesus known in Canada’s beautiful east coast!

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