Mark Saldanha

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Hi everyone!

My name is Mark Saldanha, and I am a 4th year Neuroscience student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I came alive in my faith when I graduated from high school. It was during this time that I had realized that, as Blaise Pascal says, we all have an infinite void that only an equally infinite and everlasting God can fill. I realized that God is Truth, Beauty, and Perfection. He has a beautiful plan for all of our lives, and this is something I wanted to share with everyone. Through youth ministry, leading a Discovery, Alpha, and serving the poor in my community, I have been able to help others encounter Jesus.

The more I grow in holiness, the greater my desire is to be a missionary disciple on fire for the mission of the Church. I am extremely excited to go on a mission to Mexico to serve the poor, as well as the university students in the area. Through Jesus we can expect a great transformation in the hearts of those we serve, as well as our own hearts.

Please consider making a donation to me and my mission friends as we embark on this journey.

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