Mary Joyce Gutierrez

Please support my mission!
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Hello! My name is Mary Joyce Gutierrez but you can call me Mj. I am currently in my second year of Nursing with Ryerson University’s Collaborative program in Toronto. I am truly excited and feel blessed to be apart of this year’s mission to Belize.

Growing up I was always active in the church community of Holy Cross Parish through altar serving, being apart of the Legion of Mary and singing in the choir. The church became my second home and I enjoy being apart of it. However, I never really understood the true reason why I did all of this. That was until I was introduced to CCO through Ryerson Catholics in the summer of 2019. I learned that everything I was doing meant so much more. It was for my love for God and that personal relationship I have with Him. To know that God is in love with me, and to learn more about him clear and simple truly changed my life.

This year I took the leap to lead my first faith study and became apart of the music ministry on campus. I would have never pictured myself to grow this much in my faith in such little time. But see He provides us more than we can ever expect and wish for ourselves. Through this I have felt such peace and fulfillment within myself. God has allowed me to make genuine relationships with people that I can gladly call my brothers and sisters.

That is why I am so thankful and stoked to be apart of the Belize Mission team. I can’t wait to share the love God has for all of us because this is something that should be felt by everyone. I kindly ask for your support through finances and prayers for myself and for the rest of the mission team. We will gladly appreciate it and are thankful for your support. May God bless you!