Michael Romen

Please support my mission!
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Hi! My name is Michael Romen and I’m from Brampton, Ontario. I am in my fourth-year at Brock University where I study English Literature and Classics.

I remember sliding into the chaplaincy’s music ministry in my first year, and I’ve been a part of the Brock Catholic community ever since. CCO came to our campus two years later. Christ called me out. I was holding back in my faith, and He asked me to put Him at the center of my life.

I gave Him a very small yes.

So naturally, he threw me head-first into campus ministry. Brock is a CCO Connect campus, and I was blessed enough to lead my brothers-in-Christ in the Discovery and Source faith studies. It’s been such an amazing experience to accompany members of our community in the same way the leaders at Brock walked with me. Christ does not hold back, and He took that small yes and grew it into something amazing.

Now, He’s calling me to proclaim the Gospel in Uganda from July 21 to August 11. Please join
us on our mission with your prayers and your financial support! I’m excited to be taking this next step in my faith journey and I’d love to take you with me!

If you want to reach out or know someone who would want to support us in Uganda, my email is michaelangeloromen@gmail.com

Thanks and God Bless!