Paula Manrique

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Hi! I’m Paula Manrique and I am a 3rd year Health Sciences student at Simon Fraser University. My whole family (mom, dad, sister and brother both younger) and I moved to Canada year 2010 from the Philippines.

I grew up in a loving Catholic family and have been raised to serve and love the faith and the Church as soon as I could be taught. To this day, I am still in awe whenever I remember where I was and who I was then to who and where I am now through God’s grace. Recently, while on my way to a class, God gave me a fresh set of eyes. As I was walking the hallways of SFU as per usual, I saw my fellow students so differently. I actually looked at each student’s faces that passed my line of sight (when normally I would have my head down) and I saw and felt how much their souls yearned for God. I actually felt in pain and desperate because I so wanted a Christ-centred relationship for them and after that an overwhelming sense of hope came over me.

Truly, God keeps revealing himself and his love. He continues to shape me to be the saint He calls me to be and He’s moved my heart to say yes to Mexico 2019 Mission. The opportunity to go to and share the Gospel humbles and astounds me. I am honestly so excited and so convicted that this yes to the mission is a big part of my stepping stones leading me closer and closer to who God is and His will in my life.

I pray and hope for you to also be a part of this mission by supporting me through a generous donation and/or your prayers. Thank you so much and God bless you more!

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