Prince Kafeke

Prince Kafeke

University of Calgary


About me

My name is Prince and I’m third year Economics major at the university of Calgary. I moved from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Calgary around 11 years ago and I haven’t lived anywhere else since. I love to play basketball and practice my violin in my spare time, I enjoy being outside and delight in outdoor activities such hiking and swimming. I prefer the summer heat over the winter snow and I’m really excited for this specific spring/summer season.

The main reason that I can enjoy my passions and live them out is because of the constant joy and peace I get through Jesus, He is the most important aspect of my life. May it be through mass, adoration, bible study or worship I can find inner peace in my daily life as walk with Jesus and the fellowship that comes with him. Through CCO I’ve had the experience to encounter Jesus in a whole new different way, this was by the Summits, Banquets, faith studies and attending mass with a community of devoted catholics. I’m continually excited to be able to learn and grow in holiness with Jesus Christ.

Why do I want to be on Mission?

The call for mission has always been on my heart since I first confessed my faith in christ and allowed him to be at the centre of my life in January 2022. However that call seemed to have died as my daily responsibilities made it feel like It was just a delusion. After joining CCO and going to the student leader Gathering conferences, the fire in my heart for missions was rekindled and I was burning to profess Jesus and the kerygma to the nations. This mission to Halifax is one where I can see Jesus lead me in growing in holiness and in understanding what it means to be a disciple. I believe that the church and community in Halifax are in need of missionary disciples and that CCO faith studies are an excellent way of sharing the gospel and the catholic Identity. I was completely lost before Jesus, Through the Gospel Jesus gave me a purpose and overfilled my heart with his presence. I believe that the Holy Spirit is at work daily and can only rejoice when others come to believe and find faith in Jesus!

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