My Story

Hello, my name is Shino!

I’m in my 4th year of university pursuing my Bachelor of Economics with a minor in Business at Carleton University in Ottawa. Currently, I’m doing an internship in my hometown, Calgary!
Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, and volleyball, hiking, and reading.

I grew up hearing about CCO and learning how the movement was changing the lives of many people I knew. Although I thought I knew what it meant to be a Catholic, it was only in my first year of university that I realized I was missing an integral part of the faith, which was a personal relationship with Jesus. The decision to invite Jesus to the center of my life was a huge step in my faith journey and it made my faith come alive in a way that I never thought was possible. I can easily say CCO has been the biggest part of my formation, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for me!


Why do I want to be on Mission?

I first experienced the fruits of mission with CCO when I took part in Mission True North in Calgary back in 2021. For me, this experience was not only a turning point in my life but it also taught me how to live out my missionary identity. Journeying with 25 other like-minded students not only showed me that I am not alone in the mission but also showed me the fruits of abandonment. Furthermore, in those three weeks, the Lord taught me how powerful my yes can be. Whether it was through the discoveries we led, the night fever we ran, or the late-night conversation we had in the parish hall, I know my yes not only moved others but also moved me. As a result of this yes, a few of our mission team members were able to start a young adults group at my parish which is still running to this day! Seeing how the Lord worked through all of us on that mission is something that comes to mind on a weekly basis. I may not know about all the lives that were changed as a result of that mission with CCO. But one thing is for sure, this yes changed my life and I’m here to give it again. Also, celebrating mass with 2 million other Catholics seems pretty cool 🙂

Help Shino Make Jesus Known

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