Soukeïna N’Diaye

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Hi, my name is Soukeïna N’Diaye but most people call me Souky! I moved from Côte d’Ivoire to Montreal about five years ago in order to study and I am an alumni from Université de Montréal, where I graduated in Environmental geography. Since then, I had the chance to grow in many ways, most importantly in my relationship with Christ and my desire to let this relationship influence every aspect of my life. This desire particularly grew on me last year and led me to apply for a Mission project this summer with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), and I can’t wait to share this exciting experience with all of you!

So how did I realize that I wanted to go to St. John’s Mission?

After graduating, I realized that I really wanted to be more involved in my faith personally but also with the support of a Christian community. I wanted to meet people my age who were also seeking Christ, but didn’t know how or where to start. So after a long and hard search and lots of prayer, I went on a life-changing young adult retreat called “Corps à Coeur”, in Victoriaville. For this first time in a very long time, I made a conscious choice as a young adult to place God at the center of my life. I felt so much fulfillment, so much joy and, even more, the wonderful people I met connected me with CCO (the CUCSA) in Montreal. There I found a community to grow with. Fast-forward to the end of the year, a CCO missionary friend invited me to a New Year’s young adult conference called Rise Up. I was able to meet young adults who were not only faithful Catholics, but they also were passionate about sharing God’s love with others. Lots of them went on mission trips that helped ignite their passion and effectiveness. I could have never imagined that so many people MY age were that committed to serve God and others! As a result, I felt deeply touched and inspired to serve through mission as well. I want to give God control over everything that happens in my life, I want to be there for others. Overcoming my doubts and fears and realizing that God doesn’t need me to be perfect to help others and share His love, was what gave me the final push to apply to St. John’s Mission! I understand now that I just have to truly rely on Him, no matter how long it seems to take, in order to be transformed and to fulfill his plan for me and the people around me.

What is St. John’s Mission about?

For two months, other young adults and I will volunteer and engage in the parish life of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist. We will be encouraged to develop our relationship with Christ through various activities such as weekly faith studies, group meetings, retreats, conferences… . We will also be able to reach out and contribute to renew the faith of Catholics and others and will receive training that will equip us for a lifetime of mission in our families, places of work, parishes and our future in general. I know that these two months will be a life changing experience for me and for so many people and I am already so thankful to be challenged in my faith, since it is the best way to grow!

How can you help?

To participate in this mission project each one of us will be responsible to raise a portion of the cost through tax-deductible donations to cover training, accommodations, food and transportation to the amount of $3150. Your support through donations and prayers, no matter how small you may think it is, would be a wonderful opportunity to invest in the spiritual and leadership development of young people, so I encourage you to trust that little part in you that wants to help us today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or email me at Thank you so much for your time and consideration! I will also personally take the time to thank each person that will help us in any way for this mission and will have you in my prayers.

Ecclesiaste 3:1, 11 NIV : “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens […] He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

May God bless you and your loved ones,


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