Stacey Lim

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Hello! My name is Stacey and I am in my fourth year as an Economics student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. I was born and raised in a loving Catholic family in Mauritius and came to Canada in 2015 for my tertiary studies.

I encountered CCO in my first year and the fun-fact about this is while I was looking for mass on campus, I got the great opportunity to get introduced to the amazing CCO community on campus. What a good package! Then, I started to attend faith studies and from the very first Discovery session, I witnessed God’s personal love for each one of us. I have always considered God as abstract until I have taken Discovery. During that semester, my beloved mother passed away and it was a very hard time to accept such reality, as I was so close to her. As an international student far from home, I felt so lonely but I turned to our Saviour through prayers and talked to Him as a close friend. He brought so much comfort and surrounded me with unending love. During that difficult period of my life, I did not feel abandoned, as I know that I can trust the Lord. He will not forget us for He knows each one of us personally. I had the great opportunity to invite Jesus to be at the centre of my life at the end of the Discovery journey as I need Him at all times and I surrender my life to Him to overcome any circumstances.

The following semester, I invited and led two of my friends to take Discovery: I wanted them to learn about God’s personal love for them in the way that I encountered Him. It is always a joy to invite new people to get to know about God’s touching love that they have never ever thought of. Sharing my faith and serving others in their spiritual journey bring me so much happiness since it helps me to grow in my faith journey. CCO is such a blessing community that enabled me to grow both personally and spiritually.

I am so excited to be part of the Mexico City Mission team in February 2019 as I am longing to serve our Lord and give other people the opportunity to know more about Him. My mission requires $2,350 in fundraising, which covers various expenses such as food, transportation, accommodation and training expenses. I ask for your kind generosity to support my mission financially and to keep our mission team in your prayers.

God Bless,

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