Tesi Carmon Wagner

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I grew up in Mexico City in a family of 4,that is, if you only count the humans. At the moment, we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles and a bunch of fish. Over the years we’ve also had ducks, frogs, pigs, a mouse, a bunny, a gazillion hamsters, and whatever grew in the fridge; all in a small apartment. We love animals, can you tell?

When I was 4 I asked my mum for a little sister. She responded I’d have to ask God for one, so, with the faith only children and saints have, I prayed. Twenty days after my 5th birthday my sister was born. She is the best birthday present I’ve ever had.

Since then I’ve always believed in God, I knew He cared about me in a personal way, but I didn’t understand to what extend His love went. I didn’t know who Jesus really was and had no clue why He’d died on the cross. Studying in Canada and being involved with the Catholic group on campus changed that. It was with them that I went to my first WYD in Madrid, seven years ago.

My sister turned 18 during the Vigil with the pope. At the time, she wasn’t very much into her faith. She believed, but God felt distant to her and she had bought into the world’s view on love and happiness. I invited her to come to WYD with the Canadian group hoping that being around faithful young Catholics would change that. It did. WYD planted the seed for her conversion, which germinated two years later thanks to CCO.

I know that like, my sister many go to WYD to have fun. But I also know the Lord has greater plans for them; He wishes to encounter them, and I wish to be there to help that happen.

I hope you can help me get there.

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