Valeria Ochoa

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My name is Valeria! I am a third-year student at Carleton University in Ottawa. I am originally from Honduras and moved to Waterloo, Ontario about four years ago with my parents and my sister.

I was raised in a beautiful and loving Catholic family who, my entire life, encouraged me to go to mass every Sunday, go to retreats, conferences, etc. However, it wasn’t until I was moving away for university when I realized that doing all of these things were going to be my choice alone.

I had heard about CCO through a friend of mine so, on the first day of school I decided to sign up for my first faith study with CCO. I am currently taking my fourth-out-of-five faith studies and started leading a faith study myself. One of the things CCO taught me is that God wants to have a personal relationship with each and every one of us, and that was a game changer.

I said yes to Be The Light because this is the amazing opportunity we were all waiting for to share with the people we love the little but significant piece of knowledge that CCO shared with us.

God bless,

Valeria Ochoa