Alex Orsi

Summer Missionary, Human Resources
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I grew up really enjoying my Catholic faith, my favourite part of it was the friendships I had while in youth group. I quickly became distracted in high school and I fell away from my faith. When I moved from Markham, ON to my first year at the University of Ottawa, I was reluctant to join the ‘Catholic club on campus’ that my youth group friends had told me about. I thought CCO wasn’t for me because I had friendships like that in the past.

Through an invitation from a friend, I made it to the St. Francis Xavier relic tour event that CCO had on my campus and I encountered a missionary who shared the Gospel and invited me to take Discovery. It wasn’t until the following September when I was beginning my second year at uOttawa that I started to notice that the students involved with CCO were different, they had a joy that I wanted to experience. Through a conversation with one of the founders of CCO in a podcast, I was led to realize that the joy and life I was seeing doesn’t come from simply having a relationship with Catholic people, it’s from a relationship with Jesus!

Since Fall 2018, my heart for sharing the love that Jesus has for us to my fellow university students has been on fire! I’ve become a faith study leader on campus, a campus exec team member, gone on a CCO mission to New York City, and worked as a summer student missionary in CCO’s National HQ. This year, I have continued working for CCO part-time while studying at uOttawa in the Finance department. Now I will be beginning a second summer of being a summer student missionary with CCO’s Human Resources department. I would love to invite you into this ongoing journey with me! Please pray for me as I finish my degree next year and continue to follow where the Lord is leading me!