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Angèle Barry

Internship Trainer

Ministry Training and Program Development

My Story

Hello! I’m from Espanola, Ontario, and have now had the opportunity to live in a few different cities through my work with CCO. My husband, Dennis, and I both joined CCO in 2014 and have been so blessed by the movement since then. We love being a missionary family and are so thankful that the Lord has called us to work with CCO.

In my second year of university in Ottawa, a CCO missionary approached me at Clubs Week and asked me to fill out a survey. Up until that point, I was extremely dissatisfied with my life. I was always striving to be more and to do more, without ever feeling like I reached the goal I had set. Because of this dissatisfaction, I decided to try out CCO – after all, I had been raised Catholic.

At a CCO fall retreat, I encountered Jesus personally. I believed, for the first time in my life, that Jesus knew my name, and that He died for my sins, not just the sins of the whole world. After realizing that, I invited Jesus to be the centre of my life. That was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s been quite a journey since then!

I am currently working part-time for CCO in Montreal, QC. For me, the most powerful moment of being a CCO missionary is when I share the Gospel message with someone for the first time, and they receive it. There’s a difference between someone hearing you speak, and when the words that you speak sink into their heart. That is the moment that I love: when Truth breaks through and changes someone’s life.

A CCO ministry that has had an impact on me is the night of Eucharistic adoration called Summit. It’s powerful. Jesus is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and faithfully draws students closer to Him every time we host Summit.

Being a CCO missionary has taught me so much. I’ve become a better missionary, a better team member, and a better Christian by working with CCO.

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